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‘You’re on the WKNC blog, I’m DJ Psyched and this is 2k Indie Online’. I really miss doing that on air, anyhow, here’s some new indie music for this week:

  • Rain by J.P. Plains: This artist has a very unique sound that is difficult to describe. He blends themes of electronic music, maybe slight folk(?), and indie. The artists’ vocals have always been a big standout for me, it’s easy to tell J.P. Plains voice from any other. This track’s lyrics are a reflection of the artist contemplating why they exist and why life is as it is. It’s served as a perfect late night ‘laying in bed and staring at the sky’ track. It’s relaxing and has those perfect subtle sad boy hour vibes.

  • Dream Boy by Beach Bunny: This song is such a bop, the chorus is incredibly catchy and the pre-chorus is hard not to scream along with. I love the electric guitars in this track, and the drums are also pretty standout here. It’s a wonderful indie rock track and the whole album ‘Honeymoon’ is worth a listen. The vocals are smooth, and the power in the vocals during the pre-chorus and chorus really make this track one that sticks in my mind long after a listen. A power love-track demanding proper love, gotta love it.

  • Double Dare by Momma: Another wonderful female-vocal track. This track is also led by electric guitar and has a very Indie-rock sound. However, this song has more relaxed vocals and a much more chill sound overall. I find myself humming along to the ‘double dare double dare’ one liner. The outro to this track definitely took me by surprise, it’s an interesting contrast from the rest of the track. The guitars fade gradually into what sounds like carnival music, quickly taking me out of the music and making me feel like I’m in some kind of story book. I’m pretty excited for the full album, as this is one of three tracks that’s been released for the upcoming record coming June 6th.

‘Those were the top tracks of 2k Indie Online for the week, if you have any requests for next week please do let me know. Keep it locked because there’s sure more to come’

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