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Allan Kingdom is a Canadian-born rapper and record producer most known for his forays into hiphop music, membership in Thestand4rd music group, and his feature on Kanye West’s hit, “All Day.” His last album, LINES, came out in 2017; and his newest project, the EP IDDTFM was released less than a week ago. With only four tracks, it’s one of his shorter works, but it packs a strong punch. The acronym IDDTFM stands for I Don’t Do This For Money, reflective of Allan Kingdom’s continued commitment to explore different sounds and follow his personal musical passions. 

The EP opens with the song “BLESSED,” initially released ahead of the EP as a single with a music video. The song is simple lyrically with a melody and vocals similar to his classic sound. The song reflects a little about Kingdom’s recent trip to Africa, which he reportedly took to strengthen his spirituality and reconnect himself with his musical passions. The song reminds me of the message of “Blessings” by Chance the Rapper – being grateful for what you have. The next song on the EP is “YERRRRR” which is really unique sonically and is more upbeat than the previous track. Kingdom’s vocal talents really come through on this track, in which he plays around with different pitches and flows. With references to pop culture, materialism, and family, this track is possibly the most impactful of the EP and is definitely the most catchy, personally. “GLOSSY – Gloss Gang” has a sound much more comparable to most top-100s hip-hop. The vocals on this song sound slightly autotuned but still esoteric, like an indie Travis Scott. The EP finishes with “BART” in which Kingdom opens by singing out I don’t do this for money…. This song is classic Peanut Butter Prince, reminiscent of past hits like “Wavey” and “Achilles”. One thing special about this track is the focus on Kingdom’s rap verses, paired with harmony-like vocals layered in between them. 

Overall, the EP is definitely one in a million. I have really appreciated Kingdom’s work since being introduced to him through his verse on Kanye’s “All Day,” and have loved his collaborations with some artists I like within Thestand4rd. I recommend these projects, as well as his album Northern Lights (2016). The new EP is worth mentioning as a great new addition to his discography. Let me know what you think! 

– Miranda 

By Miranda

I am a senior in Political Science at NC State and lover of R&B, rap, international, and electronic.