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how i’m feeling now Album Review

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Since Charli XCX’s appearance on 100 gecs’ “ringtone” remix, I’ve been excited to hear this new project of hers. The album, how i’m feeling now, is categorized by “inventive” or “experiential” pop and reflects Charli’s feelings relating to the current pandemic. She created the album and its related media in entirety during self-isolation with the tools she had on hand. Charli has also attempted to involve fans as much as possible, creating interactive Zoom calls, reaching out for advice, and even putting together fan-made clips for the music video of one of the album’s singles, “forever”. 

The album is quite experimental, a transformation from the usual pop melodies associated with the singer. how i’m feeling now opens with “pink diamond,” which perfectly exemplifies the wild, chaotic sound evolution of Charli XCX from her previous discography. However, she continues the alluring pop lyricism and a killer hook in the whole tracklist, which appeals to the ear. She brings the different musical aspects together beautifully, mixing mainstream and experimental sound. This new album also reflects a display of complex emotions reflecting the anxiety which is burdening our world right now. The tracklist includes songs which focus on her current relationship as well as ones highlighting the uncertainty and bizarreness of self-isolation. 

I think this is one of Charli XCX’s best works so far and have really enjoyed listening to it today; definitely would recommend checking it out especially if you like experimental pop.

– Miranda 

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