30-Song Challenge

Almost all of my friends have been bombarding their Instagram stories with daily updates to their 30-Day Song Challenge. I love this challenge and thought it would be cool to try to list them out myself for you guys to check out. Let’s get into it! 

1 – A song you like with a color in the title 

Off White by Global Dan 

2 – A song you like with a number in the title 

9 (ft. SZA) by WILLOW

3 – A song that reminds you of summertime 

Marathon by Tennis

4 – A song that reminds you of someone you’d rather forget 

Without U by corbin  

5 – A song that needs to be played loud 

All Day by Kanye West 

6 – A song that makes you want to dance 


7 – A song to drive to 

Rapp Snitch Knishes by MF DOOM

8 – A song about drugs or alcohol 

High (ft. Danny Brown) by Freddie Gibbs 

9 – A song that makes you happy 

Wavey (ft. Spooky Black) by Allan Kingdom 

10 – A song that makes you sad 

Fourth of July by Sufjan Stevens 

11 – A song you never get tired of 

Sleepyhead by Passion Pit 

12 – A song from your preteen years 

19-2000 by Gorillaz

13 – A song you like from the 70’s 

Cecilia by Smokey Robinson & The Miracles  

14 – A song you’d love to be played at your wedding 

lovers’ carvings by Bibio

15 – A song you like that’s a cover by another artist 

Cut Your Bangs by Girlpool 

16 – A song that’s a classic favorite 

You and Me by Penny & the Quarters

17 – A song you’d sing a duet with someone on karaoke 

Time After Time by Iron & Wine 

18 – A song from the year you were born 

Orange Moon by Erykah Badu 

19 – A song that makes you think about life 

Liability by Lorde 

20 – A song that has many meanings to you 

This Is Home by Cavetown 

21 – A song you like with a person’s name in the title 

Bobby by (Sandy) Alex G 

22 – A song that moves you forward 

Sad Machine by Porter Robinson 

23 – A song you think everybody should listen to 

Mama by Annette Pointdexter & Pieces of Peace

24 – A song by a band you wish were still together 

Cemetery Drive by My Chemical Romance 

25 – A song you like by an artist no longer living 

Stay by Mac Miller

26 – A song that makes you want to fall in love 

Real Thing ft. SZA by A$AP Ferg 

27 – A song that breaks your heart 

You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are by Keaton Henson 

28 – A song written by an artist whose voice you love 

Tell Him by Lauryn Hill

29 – A song you remember from your childhood 

And She Was by Talking Heads

30 – A song that reminds you of yourself 

My Girls by Animal Collective 

I had a great time putting this list together and tried to include multiple genres and a variety of different artists. Hope you enjoyed, and would love to hear your 30 songs! 

– Miranda

By Miranda

I am a senior in Political Science at NC State and lover of R&B, rap, international, and electronic.