Covid-19 Playlists: The Viral Infection

What’s going on Butcher Crew?! I hope you are all safe and well during these times. The only pain you should endure is in the Butcher Shop! But have no fear, The Saw is here to make sure your self-quarantine is filled with some beatings. Dr. Saw is here to prescribe you some metal.

I will have the songs divided into the segments of the Butcher Shop: Diamond Cuts, Death Row Cell Block, Meat Grinder, Slot Drain, Chopping Block, and Meat Locker. In the playlist, however, they will not be divided into different playlist, but go down in preceding order from Diamond Cuts to Death Row and so on.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy your time indoors with some killer cuts.

The Viral Infection – A Covid-19 Playlist

Diamond Cuts:

·      The Champ is Coming – Upon A Burning Body

·      I.H.E. – Miss May I

·      Apnea – Currents

·      Pissed Off – Fit For A King

Death Row Cell Block:

·      The Grand Conjuration – Opeth

·      Legend of a Banished Man – Amon Amarth

·      Pull the Plug – Death

·      Rime of the Ancient Mariner (2015 Remaster) – Iron Maiden

The Meat Grinder:

·      God Forgives… – Never Ending Game

·      Nail in the Coffin – Bent Life

·      Capital Punishment – Detain

·      Boomslang – Kublai Khan

Slot Drain:

·      In Lust We Trust – I Am

·      Suffocate – Traitors

·      Never Homesick – Bodysnatcher

·      Kill or Be Killed – Spite

The Chopping Block:

·      Wrong One to Fuck With – Dying Fetus

·      Kill or Become – Cannibal Corpse

·      The Geocide – Cattle Decapitation

·      Childchewer – Infant Annihilator

The Meat Locker:

·      Elitist Ones – Whitechapel

·      Love Me to Death – Suicide Silence

·      Slaves Beyond Death – Thy Art Is Murder

·      Agony – Slaughter To Prevail

Stay Metal,