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Band of the Week: Fit For A King

Fit For A King (FFAK) were one of the bands that I found randomly. I was going to go see Chelsea Grin in Greensboro one year and FFAK were on tour with them! I started listening to them when I discovered that they would be on tour. They have that traditional metalcore sound: Growls, screams, clean vocals, and anathematic chorus’ and riffs.

Fit For A King is one of the newer metalcore bands that I really enjoy. They have a good combination of soft sounds with heavier sounds and breakdowns. FFAK has a lot of catchy songs and their stage show is awesome! I have seen them a couple of times in Greensboro and also at Warped Tour. Their bass player will run around, jump around, and just do crazy stuff while on stage. It is very entertaining! I met the band during one of their runs through Greensboro, and they’re some really great guys.

The members that form Fit For A King are Ryan Kirby (vocalist), Jared Easterling (drums), Ryan “Tuck” O’Leary (bass), Bobby Lynge (guitarist), and Daniel Gailey (guitarist). FFAK is an American metalcore band founded in Tyler, Texas in 2007 by their drummer, Easterling and others who are not in the band today. The band performed locally, and in 2009 they decided to tour full-time. With a few member changes, in July 2012, FFAK signed to Solid State Records and has released their remaining albums with this label.

They released two independent EP’s: Fit for a king (2008) and Awaken the Vesper (2009). They released one independent album in 2011 titled Descendants. Once they signed with Solid State Records, the band released 5 full-lengths: Creation/Destruction (2013), Descendants – Redux (2013), Slave to Nothing (2014), Deathgrip (2016), and Dark Skies (2018).

Favorite songs: Backbreaker, Pissed Off, Stacking Bodies, and Slave to Nothing.

Have you seen Fit For A King? What are some of your favorite songs?

Stay Metal,