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Album Review: King Krule’s Man Alive!

My favorites: Stoned Again, Perfecto Miserable, Slinky

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I really like King Krule’s (alias for Archy Marshall) music, specifically his lyricism, which is filled with wit and strangeness I haven’t found in any other indie artists. His voice stands out, a scratchy baritone with a thick English accent that is a delight to the ears. King Krule’s 6 Feet Beneath the Moon helped him accrue popularity in the indie/alternative scene. I particularly love this album; its melodies are relaxing and each song is shrouded in emotional depth. 

I found Man Alive! to be an interesting contribution to King Krule’s discography. I loved that while listening, I could feel more emotion throughout this album than most of his previous works. There is a palpable anguish in the tracks Comet Face and Alone, Omen 3. Perfecto Miserable is a track where he expresses a deep love and longing, which specifically stuck out to me as less grim and more emotionally charged than his past works. The entirety of Man Alive! allows the listener to step into the mind of a grim, pessimistic Londoner, and I love any album that can show so clearly the perspective and storytelling of another person. Throughout all the darkness in sound and nightmarish lyricism, there are the lighthearted snippets “Please, complete me/ It must be the answer” and “You’re my everything/ You make me feel alright” which must be a reference to Marshall’s current relationship. Even the ending of the album with Please Complete Thee transforms from a dark, grungy melody to light uplifting notes in the last minute of the song. This album is filled with such contrasts. King Krule also played with a variety of new sounds compared to his previous work. Specifically, there is more electronic influence in tracks like Cellular and Comet Face. As a big fan of electronic music, I really appreciated this as a breakaway from some of his more guitar/piano based songs from older albums. Although 6 Feet Beneath the Moon will always be my favorite of Marshall’s discography, this album is a lovely look into the evolution of King Krule as a musician and makes me excited for what’s to come. 

– Miranda 

By Miranda

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