New Album Review

Snippets: Tame Impala, “Tomorrow’s Dust”

Tame Impala has recently come out with their newest album, “The Slow Rush”. One track in particular, “Tomorrow’s Dust”, is an excellent representation of the sound of the album and the direction in which Tame’s sound is going.

Lead by ethereal synthesizers, sublime guitar leads, and a powerful dance beat, the song prepares the listener for Tame’s sweet-yet-sad lyrics. The ideas present in the track are dense, as the verse extends to give time for contemplation on being alone and connecting to others.

In fact, a central theme in the track (and the entire album) is time. The second verse is short and to the point on this front: “There’s no use trying to relate to that older soul; And no use biding your time if the bell is tolled”. What exactly the bell is tolling for is not clear, but perhaps it’s meant to be that way. Maybe the isolationist yet newly-wed Kevin Parker has gained a new perspective on biding his time.

-Decent Icon