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EP Review: Something You Needed by flipturn

My favorites: Savannah, Something You Needed, Poppies 

Listen if you like: Fleet Foxes, Leland Blue, The Alabama Shakes  

Something You Needed, an EP by flipturn was released earlier this month. flipturn is an indie/alternative band that has slowly increased in popularity throughout the years.  

The EP is short but very complete. I absolutely love this EP and can’t sing its praises enough. The vocals remind me of something between Neil Young and the Fleet Foxes. The lyrics are emotional, filling the listener with a deep sense of nostalgia. I swear, listening to the first two tracks on the album knocked loose memories I’d buried deeply, in such a beautiful way. There is an unshakeable raw emotion to each song on the EP. Just read the lyrics from Glistening: “Sweet thing, if I’m losing you/Know my silver linings typically hit me in the afternoon.” This emotional song reminds me of some of the metaphors of Fleetwood Mac. The whole EP also shares the same kind of simple type of pretty melody, infused with plucked guitar strings and soft piano notes. 

The melancholic tone of Did I Love You (Like I Promised) most reminds me of my favorite Fleet Foxes songs. Absolutely love this type of indie band, especially because it pairs so well with the transition from winter to spring. Soft, sad notes paired with happy lyrics, and vice versa. The contradiction always reminds me of the changing seasons; the EP couldn’t have been released at a better time for the association I have with it. 

Definitely recommend that anyone reading this listen to this album ASAP, and let me know what you think. I personally can’t get enough, and have already added some of the best songs to my playlists. In addition, flipturn is coming to The Pour House in Raleigh April 22nd. You can check out this event and more here

– Miranda 

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