Concert Review

Tool @ PNC Arena 11/24/2019

A week or so ago, my mom and I went to see Tool! My mom has seen Tool many times, but this was my first time seeing them live. I was supposed to see them at Epiceneter earlier this year, but due to tornado warnings, they canceled the rest of the festival for that day. So this was my redemption, my second chance to see Tool and my mom bought tickets before they were sold out.

I grew up listening to Tool. My mom would play songs like Sober, The Pot, and Schism all the time when I was growing up, and I quickly started to love these songs. Tool is a band that I can put on and just relax. They have a very particular sound that no other band has and their vibe just puts the listener into a different mindset.

When we got to PNC Arena, there were signs everywhere that stated that we were not allowed to take any pictures or videos during the show. I have never seen this before, and when doing some quick research, the rule was legit. Tool didn’t want anyone with their phones out because they wanted them to enjoy the experience of the show. If you were caught with your phone out, you would be kicked out of the arena. I thought this rule was wack because we spent so much money to see this band and then you say we will be kicked out for having our phones out? Let people enjoy the concert how they want to enjoy it. If it is behind a cell phone then so what? You already got our money for the show so why does it matter? Now, did The Saw take any videos of Tool? That is something that your Master Butcher is going to keep to herself. (:

The opening band that kicked off the show was Killing Joke. I have never heard of this band before until I saw them play at the show. The band was good, but they didn’t have much of a stage show. I didn’t really know what was going on to be honest. Their singer would do these weird little dances but mainly just stood in the middle of the stage the entire time. Their sound throughout the arena was really good! You could hear them clearly and perfectly.

Tool was up next and I was really excited to see them, finally! They had one of the best light shows that I have ever seen. It was so trippy and mesmerizing. They had this thin curtain around the stage and their light show would bounce off the curtain to make some sort of design, it was awesome to watch and the light show and the artistry fit the vibe of the music really well! I didn’t know a lot of the songs that Tool played, but they were all really good! The band sounded awesome and Maynard’s voice is still strong and loud. He sounded amazing! The only song I knew that they played was Schism. They didn’t play The Pot OR Sober!!! Can you believe that? They had some sort of an intermission before their encore which I thought was pretty weird because we all just sat there for about 5 minutes until some of the band members came out and spent about 5 more minutes creating noise.

Overall, I am so happy that I finally got to see Tool and I got to see them with my mom! I also got a Tool shirt and I am surprised that I got the last shirt in my size. I thought they would sell out because there were so many people in line to get merch, it was insane.

Have you seen Tool live? What is your faveorite Tool song?

Stay Metal,