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ALBUM REVIEW: Devarrow – Devarrow

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3 years after the successful release of album The Great Escape, Devarrow steps back onto the scene with a highly anticipated self-titled album. Raised with wonderful parents who promoted free expression, openness, and simplicity, Devarrow’s mastermind Graham Ereaux feels pressured and at odds by the bustling suburb life. This album feels like a much-needed escape to the Nova Scotia seaside, away from the information overload and anxiety-inducing, technology-embedded society of today. Psychedelic folk rock is such a niche and specific genre, so I always get excited when I stumble upon a new release in this category. I can safely say that this album is the best thing to happen to psychedelic folk rock since Dougie Poole’s Wideass Highway was released in 2017.

Devarrow features western influenced twangy guitar and psychedelic reverberations but still holds a firm core of classic Nova Scotia sweetness. Even if you’ve never seen a spaghetti western in your life, listening to this music will transport you vividly to someplace free and far away. Devarrow is an album that will fully immerse you in a sense of peace and balance.

I think this album is the best acoustic album to come out all year. Though this is a stripped-down album, each song has distinct, unique features and exudes so much bright energy. It’s hard to get the same pulsing energy playing acoustic as you can when playing plugged in, but Devarrow does, and makes it sound effortless. Graham Ereaux is talented vocalist who can switch his voice in an instant between a harsh scratch to a gentle croon, keeping you on your toes. Devarrow is proof that you don’t need any fancy equipment or instruments to make diverse, layered songs. At most, all you need is the help of a harmonica, an organ and an acoustic guitar.

Recommended if you like Dr. Dog, Hozier, Fleet Foxes, or Dougie Poole.

-Safia Rizwan