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CupcakKe Quits Music via Instagram Live Video

Last Sunday, while rapper, CupcakKe was on her “10k Tour,” she posted a live video saying she’s quitting the music industry. On her live, CupcakKe sits on her bed in her hotel talking about her career up until then, she says that she’s “letting go” of music. CupcakKe is very well known for her sexually explicit lyrics and vulgar language, but that’s where a lot of her appeal comes in. In the live video CupcakKe states, at my “all age shows,” “I feel as though I’m corrupting them with my songs.” She also tearfully admits to a gambling addiction that cost her $700,000 and got her involved with bad people. CupcakKe is an artist who is truly honest and caring about her listeners; she’s been known to offer housing and safety for a number of her LGBT fans. As she cries, wrapped up in a blanket, listing all of her past faults to her fans and giving up music because of them, you have to wonder what it’s like to be under the pressure of the music industry while still trying to be true to yourself and your art.

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