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Retro Review: Pie Face Girls – First

Pie Face Girls - First

It’s time to talk local. It’s time to talk classics. It’s time to talk local classics. Basically, it’s time to talk Pie Face Girls, Raleigh legends. The trio has pumped out newer tracks and continues to absolutely crush the game, but this is a retro review after all, so we’re gonna get as retro as we can with these local celebrities. 2014.

            The geniuses of PFG gifted us with First in early 2014. Hard to believe this album is almost 6 years old, and even harder to believe that these lovely folks have stuck around oak city for all that time! We’ve been riding this rollercoaster of jams ever since this initial release, and although the group just keeps getting better, their debut is nothing to stick your nose up at.

            First screams Pie Face Girls. It’s just so them. The cover is essentially looking at you and asking you what you’re staring at. It’s not anything other than what Pie Face Girls really is. We get the message without any frill. If you check out this album online, you’ll also see that it contains four songs, none of which are child friendly per se. Three out of the four titles could not be spoken in full on air and I’m pretty sure all of them violate FCC regulations – but what a perfect illustration of PFG this is. They rock and they know it. Each of these sweet tunes has the essentials: Klay, Dani, and Tiffany rocking our worlds with earth shattering beats and perfectly yelled vocals telling us what we need to hear. The shortest track, F*** You I’m Pretty…? Sheesh what a tune. First of all, gold star for that title. We love to see it. Second of all, hello perfectly performed grungy drum moments. Hi scary bass riffs that prepare me for battle. NICE TO MEET ALL OF YOU. This song makes you wanna jump up and down in ugly pants and fight to destroy oppressors. Same goes for the whole album, honestly. This energy is what Pie Face Girls does best. They kill it every time and this first album is no exception. LONG LIVE PFG!!!


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