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Band Highlight // Wild Party


When I was a young freshmen here at state I stumbled upon this band called Wild Party. The first song I heard of theirs was ‘Life’s too Short’,  I was instantly hooked. The track (and that whole album) remains to be one of my absolute favorite listens to come back to. So one day, when went back to listen, I became extremely excited to find that they were back with some new tracks. In March they released the track ‘Recipe’ and in April we got ‘Getaway’. The artwork is very similar for the two tracks which makes me think an album may be coming our way. And I couldn’t be more hopeful because these two new tracks absolutely lived up to the last release. The tracks both sound a bit different from their old stuff, but they still have that solid Wild Party energy behind them. 

The first track ‘Recipe’ is an absolute bop. The lyrics are empowering and always leave me feeling uplifted. ‘Never gonna hit the brakes too slow, even if we make mistakes we know’ always puts me in a good mood and makes me want to work harder. The chorus will definitely stick with you too. Wild Party has always been good at having a smooth but interesting texture and strong instrumentation that really highlights the energy behind the lyrics. Getaway has a very similar vibe but the lyrics are a lot more critical in the meaning. ‘What’s with all our friends, They just talk and spend, All their time workin’, Like they’re mannequins’. Wild Party has always been one to sneak messages like this into their uplifting pop-rock-indie kind of music, and that’s what keeps me coming back.

– DJ Psyched