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ALBUM REVIEW: Mexico City Blondes – Blush

BEST TRACKS: Reasons Why, Addio

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Mexico City Blondes are not actually from Mexico City. They are from Santa Barbara, California. Also, only ½ of the duo is blonde, but we’ll let this false representation slide because their music is so good. Mexico City Blondes met in 2014 on Craigslist when vocalist Allie Thompson replied to an ad posted by instrumentalist Greg Doscher stating that he was searching for someone with similar interest in lo-fi downtempo music to collaborate with. They instantly clicked and began working. Their first single, Fade, with a little bit of luck, became a breakout hit after being spread around by word of mouth and getting picked up by multiple music blogs. Fade even made it to the top spot on Hype Machine more than once. Five years later, the duo has finally released their long-awaited debut album Blush.

Hot out of a studio built in Doscher’s garage, Blush is fresh, mellow, and psychedelic. This album is a harmonious blend of electronic drums kits, dreamy synths, trip-hop vocals, and sprinklings of synthetic sounds. Thompson’s unique voice elevates this album to a level above the rest. Her wispy voice will carry you into an alternate reality where it’s eternally dusk outside and mysterious pink flower petals are carried in the breeze. Thompson’s sleek vocals go hand in hand in hand with the album’s silky texture. Every song on this album is hazy and atmospheric, ideal for going on a solo hike early in the morning or swimming in the pool at night.

My favorite track on this album is Addio. The chills that hit every time the chorus comes in are indescribable. The deliciously slow, jazzy guitar solo on this track at the bridge is the cherry on top.

If you like Glass Animals or WILLOW, I recommend this album to you.

-Safia Rizwan