Classic Album Review

Album of the Week: Metal Church – Metal Church

Metal Church shot out of the gate with their self-titled debut, Metal Church! Although this record is from the early `80s, squarely in the upswing of Glam / Big Hair Rock, it sets the pace for what Thrash Metal would become. Originally released on independent label, Ground Zero, in 1984, the album sold so well that Elektra Records signed the band and reissued Metal Church in 1985. It was recorded in `84 at Steve Lawson Productions in Seattle Washington. The record weighs in at 42:00 minutes long, exactly. And there is never a dull moment!

David Wayne, inspired by the likes of Rob Halford (Judas Priest) and inspiring folks like James Hetfield (Metallica), does a masterful job on every song (with the exception of the lone instrumental, of course). With a powerful voice, Wayne is an excellent frontman for the powerhouse musicians behind him. Kurt Vanderhoof is the founder of Metal Church, writing all lyrics on this record, except the instrumental and the cover song, and he is menacing as he shreds through riffs on this record. Craig Wells plays opposite Vanderhoof and is a great compliment. Duke Erickson rounds out the strings, nicely, and Kirk Arrington shows his skills on the drums.  

The track listing (as mentioned above) includes a cover of Deep Purples Highway Star, which the band handles with ease. The instrumental is aptly named, Merciless Onslaught(written by Vanderhoof).Beyond the Black, the title track, Metal Church, Merciless Onslaught,and God’s of Wrathconstitute side one; while Hitman, In the Blood, (My Favorite) Nightmare, Battalions, and Highway Star rap up the record with side two. I’m telling you, there is not a moment of rest on this whole album!

Favorite Songs: I literally love every single song! But Metal Churchwill always be my favorite!

Rating: 10/10!!

*Special note: David Wayne died on May 10, 2005 from complications due to a car wreck.

Stay Metal,