New Album Review

Album Highlight // Pit Boss by Cecil Frena


Cecil Frena’s 12 track record ‘Pit Boss’ was released last month on August 21, 2019. The newly released album was a must listen for me because Cecil Frena’s first album ‘The Gridlock’ was the first album I ever reviewed for WKNC, and it quickly became a favorite of mine. I was excited when I heard about this release and I absolutely loved the change of pace I felt when I had my first listen. This album definitely sounds like Cecil Frena but it holds its own unique sound at the same time (something I love to see artists do). 

From first listen the track ‘Are You A Cop’ really stood out to me and remains one of my favorites from the album. The guitars are memorable, as they are all throughout this entire album, and the use of screaming vocals (which are also used a good amount on this record) really add to the weight of his words. ‘The Rats are Winning’ also stood out to me that first time. With its fierce vocals and whisper like chorus this track really gets you feeling the intensity behind the artists words. ‘Baby you got this’ is definitely an anthem type track and i’m here for the catchy hook that I know I’ll have stuck in my head for a while now. And I’m alright with that.

I’d definitely have to say though, my favorite thing about Cecil Frena’s music is the experience of pulling up the lyrics on bandcamp and reading along side the track. His lyrical work is usually telling an underlying story that you only catch if you’re paying close attention, and it’s always a story worth hearing. Cecil hasn’t been afraid to talk on personal beliefs and political topics in the past and he doesn’t shy away from them on this record either, and it’s powerful.

– DJ Psyched