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My Top 5 Favorite Gutturals

Besides “blegh!” gutturals are my other favorite things in a metal song. Gutturals are when the vocalist can hit a really low note that almost sounds distorted. These are insane and always make the song 10 times better. I love gutturals that transition into pig squeals. Pig squeals are sick as hell and I love when vocalist can hit gutturals live!! It is extremely hard to hit a low note live but some vocalists can hit them with ease (I love it).

Unanswered – Suicide Silence (featuring Phil Bozeman from Whitechapel)

When Mitch Lucker (former singer of Suicide Silence) passed away back in 2012, the band had a benefit concert for Lucker’s daughter and vocalists came out and did one song with the band in honor of Mitch. It was such a cool idea and I am happy that it was successful. Phil Bozeman came on stage to perform Unanswered. This song starts with a beating and it keeps pounding throughout the entire song. Bozeman’s voice is so powerful throughout, and he did some of the craziest gutturals. AND HE DID THEM LIVE!!! Phil is a boss. I wish Suicide Silence would record this song with Bozeman on vocals, it was lit.

The Somatic Defilement – Whitechapel

Okay, so you already know that Whitechapel was going to be on here because Bozeman is the king of gutturals. This song is off their first record (The Somatic Defilement) and it is started with a little drum solo and then the guitars kick in with a dark and heavy riff. Then, Bozeman yells into the mic. The song picks up and as expected, Bozeman does one of the nastiest gutturals ever. The music stops and all you can hear is his voice. IT IS INSANE!! Then the music kicks back in with a groovy riff and some blast beats… Love it!!! This song is amazing live btw.

*** HONORARY MENTION**** Brimstone off of Whitechapel’s new album, The Valley, is pretty sick, too.

Sworn Adherent – A Wake in Providence

The vocalist for this band always sounds like he is gutturalizing (is that a word? I’m going with it). His voice is strong and powerful and can go up to different ranges and speeds. This song has one of my favorite gutturals because it’s crispy and thick (sounds like I am describing bacon), and it is right before a beatdown!!! Also throughout the song, he does little pig squeals like “EEEPPP” with insane double bass and it’s just sick. I love it.

Kill or Be Killed – Spite

SPITE CULT AYYYEEEE!!!!! Spite is so good, if you haven’t seen them I highly suggest that you do. This song instantly kicks off, and then you can hear Darius, their vocalist, barking into the mic. You can’t help but to start jamming once that kicks in. Darius transitions his voice from yelling/screams to gutturals and pig squeals so easily and he can also do it live!!! He is one of my favorite vocalists because of his technique and stage presence.

Dwell – Traitors

Are you surprised that Traitors made it onto my list? Because I’m not. Their vocalist, Tyler, also has some of the best vocals that I have heard. He sounds like he is always doing gutturals because he usually uses a deeper voice in their songs. He has some killer lows throughout this song, and some insane pig squeals (mainly when he says “I scream”). You will not be disappointed with this song, I promise. And their singer sounds the same live!!! They are such a great band live and they always have some of the craziest mosh pits during their show.

What are some of your favorite songs that have gutturals?

Stay Metal,