Concert Review

Earth, Wind & Fire at the Rama Casino

I went to Canada last week with my mom! We were going up there for the Roxodus Festival that was supposed to be taking place, BUT a week after we got our wristbands in the mail, they canceled the event. Bummer I know, but my mom and I decided to go to Canada anyway and make the best of it.

Now, how did we get tickets to see Earth, Wind & Fire in Canada? How did we hear about the show? WELL. My mom told me about the show and I started playing their music and we were jamming! We looked up the tickets and it was sold out! But we were determined that we were going to find some tickets.

When we got to the Casino, we activated our cards and went to the slot machines. The legal age to gamble in Canada is 19, so I was able to go into the casino!! My mom and I eventually met this guy who had two tickets that he wasn’t using, we got 11th row floor seats for Earth, Wind & Fire for $30 each!!!


The Rama Casino Resort is beautiful, they have great detailing both on the inside and outside. My mom and I found our seats, but once the show started, we went up to the front of the stage!

The band was jamming the entire time!! Three of the original members are still in the band, and all members were putting on a show (even after 50 years!!). They all wore suits that had some bling on them and they had a choreograph for their entire stage show. It was AWESOME!!


They played some of my favorite songs (like, Boogie Wonderland) and that is when everyone got on their feet and danced. Then they played September and that got people moving.

There was this lady beside me dancing in the biggest heels I have ever seen and she was KILLING IT!! She eventually got kicked out (she got too drunk), but she was very entertaining while I saw here.

I would totally go to another funk show, it was lit.


Have you ever seen Earth, Wind & Fire? What is your favorite song?

Stay Metal,