Weekly Charts

WKNC 88.1 FM Loud Rock/Chainsaw Charts 3/21/17

1 NARGAROTH Era of Threnody 
2 HAVOK conformicide 
3 THY DARKENED SHADE Thy Darkened Shade Split W/ Abigor, Nightbringer 
4 INFERI The Path of Apotheosis
5 NOCTEM Haeresis
6 DESPISED ICON Day Of Mourning – Century Media
7 ANAAL NATHRAKH The Whole Of The Law – Metal Blade
8 VOID OMNIA Dying Light
9 HOUR OF PENANCE Cast The First Stone
10 DARKEST HOUR “Timeless Numbers” [Single]

Top Adds
1 DARKEST HOUR Those Who Survived
2 PALLBEARER Heartless 
3 NARGAROTH Era of Threnody 
4 FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY The Great Collapse
5 ERUPTION Cloaks of Oblivion