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Retro Review: Havok – Burn

Havok -Burn

I’m not even into metal, or thrash metal, or anything cool like that, but SHOUT OUT to Havok. Killing it since 2009 before I even knew what metal was. Burn has that classic metal sound that would probably disgust your mom and plays in the background of a movie scene where the protagonist goes on a rampage or does illegal things for the first time.

            If we’re analyzing an album from the start rather than hearing it single by single, the starting point is obvious – covert art, and this one’s a cutie. Who doesn’t love skulls and weird dead trees? The subtle yet timeless metal vibes are present with a unique twist. I honestly think the combination of a softer color palette and spooky archetypes like the skulls illustrate the feel of the album perfectly. Yes, it is intense as metal often is, but it has gentle moments similar to classic rock.

I have to say I was hesitant about this one as I rarely listen to metal. In all honesty I often find myself avoiding it – but I am a fan! I just like it. Burn is a good album and there’s no getting around it. You can hear the talent Havok has and how well they work together to create a cohesive sound. Metal often gets put into a box and I used to believe the stereotypes I heard about the genre. I’m happy to say I have been wrong for quite some time. This album is what you need to hear if you haven’t yet developed an appreciation for metal. The vocals aren’t super heavy, and the foundation is built by great musicians that rock hard enough for it to be metal but won’t scare a newbie like me. I recommend! Yay!  


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