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HOPSCOTCH 2016: DJ Schedules + More

Hopscotch Music Festival starts tomorrow, September 8 and will continue through until September 10. Some of our DJs took the initiative and designed their (ideal or realistic) schedule of performers they want to see. With so many artists packed into three days, we figured a sample of our schedules would come in handy with building your own!

PLUS, local Ross Grady put together this neat Google Calendar of every Hopscotch performance to help you sort out your schedule in a perhaps more efficient way. Check it out here!

Blue are my second choices–so many conflicts!”

DJ sPaRr0vV

Double Duchess

DJ Iron Mic

The Fuzz

angel by shaggy
“My scanner/printer sucks! but please see Inga Copeland at Neptune’s!”

Cruise One

Case Sensitive

“Sorry it’s so badly done.” (It’s okay, wolfware)