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Hopscotch AAR (After Action Review)

In the military, we have this cool thing we do called an After Action Review (or AAR), where after an operation, we break down the positives and negatives of the operation, what can be fixed, and what should be sustained for future operations. It’s a great way to analyze your team’s work and provide constructive criticism.

Now that Hopscotch has been over for a couple days, and we’ve had time to digest the whirlwind of a weekend that it was, I think it’s fair to realistically judge 2016’s festivities.


  • In a year that has caused NC’s ability to book and retain quality artists for tours and concerts due to HB2; Greg, Nathan, and everyone on the Hopscotch team secured one of the best lineups I’ve ever seen in the festival’s seven-year run.
  • Our local artists shined the brightest this year. There have been a couple instances in Hopscotch history where some local artists didn’t really deserve to be there, and their performances reflected it. That wasn’t the case at all this year, at least at the places I made it to. Sylvan Esso did an electrifying show in City Center, and Oak City Slums burned CAM to the floor as the first act in Saturday’s lineup!
  • Saturday didn’t end with a fizzle compared to Friday. That was my biggest complaint last year, and I was feeling kind of skeptical going into Saturday night 2016, but between Vince Staples, Sylvan Esso, Oak City Slums, and Mr. Carmack, Saturday was one of my best nights at a music festival ever. I knocked my head for seven hours straight!


  • The daytime heat was brutal, and my wardrobe being limited to mostly black didn’t help things. Doing the math, I spent almost $100 on trying to stay hydrated. There’s not much we can do about that though.
  • Hip hop acts were clumped together on Friday night, and I missed a lot of artists that I wanted to see because I was forced to pick between Erykah Badu, Young Thug, and the King’s lineup. Queen Badu always wins.
  • I missed Big Freedia and it was no one’s fault but my own.
  • The whiplash I gave myself from knocking my head for seven straight hours on Saturday night.


  • I really wish there was a way the Hopscotch team could improve how they space out rap artists. Last year and this year, the bulk of hip-hop acts was on Friday, so if you are a hip hop head, there were some really difficult choices to make.
  • Some artists seemed mismatched in their venues and time slots. A prime example was Swizzy Mack. He killed, but I feel like he would’ve been better placed at CAM on Saturday night, than closing out Thursday night at Neptune’s.
  • There was no incentive to go bring people to the Maker’s Space. Not that there weren’t really cool artists there, but it just felt like something you had to walk by to get your bracelet, rather than something to go out of your way to check out.
  • Some of the vendors at City Center were straight up dumb. That whole area could’ve been filled with more interesting and immersive booths. Not much creativity was put into product placement in the one area where product placement was ok.
  • Next year there should be a Hopscotch app. Many festivals have done this, and it’s really helpful to stay on top of the schedule and events/attractions that attendees may not know about.


  • The utilization of City Center as a venue was perfect. It didn’t gum up traffic throughout the city, the acoustics were great no matter where you were standing, and if you didn’t want to be in the pit, you didn’t feel like you were 100 miles away from the performance.
  • Once again, the lineup was curated very well. Better than in other years. A perfect balance of mainstream, up-and-coming, and obscure was achieved, and the way the artists were lined up made it so that finding new artists wasn’t like taking a gamble.
  • The lighting used at CAM of EDM artists was DOPE this year! Last year I felt that the lighting was bland and took away from the excitement of the acts. Their use of ambient lighting in different colors set an awesome mood, and changed my mind 100% of CAM as a music venue.

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It Was All A Blur – Hopscotch

We can all agree concert photography is difficult, so let’s celebrate the really awful and blurry photos of Hopsctoch from this past weekend. Even better, try to challenge yourself to identify who the artists are!

OK so this isn’t an artist, but rather my good friend and DJ trainee Command Shift +Q

Let us know if you think you can guess any of the artists!!! And always celebrate even the bad photography!

Double Duchess

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Hopscotch Night One

Wye Oak Starting Hopscotch off right

Wolf Parade

Wing Dam doing a jig

Pie Face Girls

Junglepussy making the crowd go wild

The Snails; one snail snrowdsurfing (snail crowdsurfing)

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If this is your first time dartying (day-partying) you are in for a treat this weekend. I will be guiding you to the best darties around town during HOPSCOTCH. This might be the best and only weekend of darties, so don’t play yourself. They are famous for providing an eclectic range of artists and genres for the fans that can not get enough of it at night. So below, thanks to HOPSCOTCH, is a list of all of the darties going on around town. (And dont miss our darty at LEGENDS from 1-3). Hope to see y’all there.

Hopscotch 2016 Makers MarketCommerce Place between Martin & Davie

Friday, Sept. 9 – noon to 5:30 p.m.
Natural Causes (1:30), Daniel Bachman (2:30), Palm (3:30), See Gulls (4:30)
More than 40 featured vendors

Saturday, Sept. 10 – noon to 5:30 p.m.
DJ Nick Neptune (12:30), Dirty Dub (1:30), Nervous Dupre (2:30), Stooges Brass Band (3:30), Kooley High (4:30)
More than 40 featured vendors


Boxcar Arcade + Bar:  noon – 8 p.m.
Sore Thumb Series // Indie Rock // Day 1
Savannah Valentino (1:00), She Returns From War (1:45), Say Brother (2:30), Secret Guest (3:15), Fk Mt. (4:00), Thayer Sarrano (4:45), Husband (5:30), MyBrother MySister (6:15), The Affectionates (7:00)
Sponsored by The Stereofly, Free-Times, 10 Foot Woody Records and Jam Room Studio
Free Sore Thumb Vol. 1 Compilation CD featuring a song from each artist while they last
Crank Arm Brewing Company: 1 p.m. – 5 p.m.
Roost Frequency Recording Presents
The Lemon Sparks (1:00), The Kneads (2:00), The Bleeding Hearts (3:00)

Deep South the Bar: noon – 5 p.m.
Ultra Psychic Mega Monolith 
TELEP▲ THY Hopscotch Day Party @ Deep South the Bar.
Kabak (12:30), Mhymes (1:05), Yyen (1:40), Away Msg (2:15), Trandle (2:50); Drozy & Friends (3:25)

Kings: noon – 5:30 p.m.
Three Lobed Records + WXDU Present
Manas (Tashi Dorji & Thom Nguyen) (12:00), Sarah Louise (12:30), Mary Lattimore & Kid Millions (1:00), 75 Dollar Bill (1:40), Bill Nace (2:10), Watery Love (2:50), 75 Dollar Bill (3:30), Bachman – Toth Duo (4:00), Sarah Louise (4:40), Meg Baird & Mary Lattimore (5:05)

Foundation: 4 p.m. – 6 p.m.
Merge Happy Hour

Legends Nightclub: 12 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
XTALS (12:30), Pie Face Girls (1:10), no smoking (1:40), TBA (2:20), Oak City Slums w/ P.A.T. Junior (2:40)

Neptune’s Parlour: 1:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Party Illegal Presents:
Hubble (12:30) BITCHCRAFT (1:30), DJ PlayPlay (2:30), NeatFreak (3:30), Queen Plz (4:15)
Pour House: noon – 5 p.m.
Mir’s Empire and K97.5 Presents
Cayenne (12:30), Cypher University (1:00), Lazarus (1:30), Nance (2:00), Shame (2:30), Mosca Flux (3:00), Ace Henderson (3:30), Well$ (4:00), Deniro Farrar (4:30),
DJ Wade Banner & DJ RNB, Hosted by

Raleigh Roadhouse: noon – 5 p.m.
Kristen Abigail Collective Presents
Eric Paul (12:00), Foxture (1:00), Castle Wild (2:00), Animalweapon (3:00), Hectorina (4:00), YOUMA (5:00),
Sponsored by Bunn DJ Company

Ruby Deluxe: noon – 5 p.m.
Full of Spiders: Bad Grrrl and Egghunt Records Day Party
Feral Conservatives (12:00), Headless Mantis (1:00), Manatree (2:00), Clair Morgan (3:00),
Avers (4:00)

Schoolkids Records: 1 p.m. – 5 p.m.
Nevernauts (1:00), Dick Richards (2:00), Second Husband (3:00), The Eyebrows (4:00), Happy Abandon (5:00)

Slims Downtown: noon – 5:30 p.m.
Churchkey & The Layabout present “¡Que Viva!”
The Dry Heathens (12:15), KONVOI (1:00), Scanners (1:45), The Nude Party (2:30), Drag Sounds (3:15), shirlette ammons (4:00), The Dry Heathens (4:45)
Sponsored by The Blotter, Bull City Records


Crank Arm Brewing Company: 1 p.m. – 3 p.m.
Roost Frequency Recording Presents
Oatmeal Conspiracy (1:00), Drling (2:00), Coytah (3:00)

Boxcar Arcade + Bar: 2 p.m – 8 p.m.
Sore Thumb Series // Hip-Hop // Day 2
DJ Set playing classic hip-hop (2:00), Preach Jacobs (3:30), H3R0 (4:30), Grand Prize Winners From Last Year (5:30), Preach Jacobs DJ Set (6:30)
Sponsored by The Stereofly, Free-Times, 10 Foot Woody Records and Jam Room Studio
Free Sore Thumb Vol. 1 Compilation CD featuring a song from each artist while they last

Berkeley Cafe: noon – 6 p.m.
The 6th Annual Guitartown Hopscotch Day Party Sponsored by Brüeprint 
Brothers Grim (acoustic) (12:00), Sara Bell (1:00), Melissa Swingle Duo (2:00), Texoma (3:00), J Chris Smith and Marc E. Smith (4:00), Mike June (5:00)

Deep South the Bar: noon – 5 p.m.
Cardigan Records Day Party
Dogs Eyes (12:20), Greaver (1:10), Lazarus Wilde (2:00), Youth League (2:50), Pleasures (3:40), Professor Toon (4:30)

Kings: 1 p.m. – 5 p.m.
Orange County Social Club & Third Uncle Records featuring Merge Records present:
Sneaks (1:30), Honey Radar (2:30), Rock *A* Teens (3:30), Birds of Avalon (4:30)
Neptune’s Parlour: noon – 5 p.m.
Orange County Social Club & Third Uncle Records featuring Merge Records present:
Boogie Reverie (1:00), Shelles (2:00), Faults (3:00), Queen of Jeans (4:00)
Person Street Bar: 1 p.m. – 5 p.m.
Zack Mexico (1:00), The Trousers (2:00), Grand Champeen (3:00), Benji Hughes (4:00)
Sponsored by Southern Wine & Spirits and Raleigh Rum

Pour House Music Hall: noon – 5 p.m.
Younger Brother Productions Presents
Downstairs: Seabreeze Dinner (12:00), Echo Courts (1:00), Gray Young (2:00), No Eyes (3:00), Zack Mexico (4:00)                                                                                                                                                                               Upstairs: Flash Car (12:45), The Summer Life (1:45),Vacant Company (2:45), Happy Abandon (3:45)

Raleigh Roadhouse: noon – 5 p.m.
Kristen Abigail Collective Presents
Raid the Quarry (12:00), Sean Thomas Gerard (1:00), Dragmatic (2:00), Mike Blair & the Stonewalls (3:00), LAIRS (4:00), The Antique Hearts (4:30)
Sponsored by Bunn DJ Company

Ramble Supply Co: noon – 5 p.m.
Kristen Abigail Collective Presents
Jesse Stockton (12:00), Texoma (1:00), DRISKILL (2:00), Ellis Dyson & the Shambles (3:00), Catie King (4:00), Parallel Lives (5:00)
Sponsored by Bunn DJ Company

Ruby Deluxe: 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Pabst Showcase curated by Claire Ginn
ZZ Corpse (11:00), Ouroborus Boys (12:00), DIP (1:00), The Nude Party (2:00), Dirty Fences (3:00), Nest Egg (4:00)

Schoolkids Records: 1 p.m. – 6 p.m.
He Who Walks Behind The Rows (1:00), Horseskull (2:00), Gross Reality (3:00), Toke (4:00), Wailin Storms (5:00)

Slim’s Downtown: noon – 6 p.m.
Spazzscotch + Jack the Radio Present
Other Colors (12:15), Maple Stave (12:50), Wild Fur (2:00), The Charming Youngsters (2:35), Jack the Radio (3:10), Ghostt Bllonde (3:45), The Backsliders (4:20), Wing Dam (4:55)

Tactile Workshop (1001 S. Saunders St.): noon – 5 p.m.
Tactile Workshop x Good Times Assurance Co. Present: The Hopscotch Oasis                                                         DJ Nayfong (12:00 PM), Brassious Monk (1:30 PM), Just Archie (2:30 PM), Pie Face Girls (3:30 PM) Vacant Company (4:30 PM)

Trophy Brewing (656 Maywood Ave.): 1 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.
5th Annual Phuzz Day Party
Shadowgraphs (2:00), Drag Sounds (3:00), Body Games (4:00), The Tills (5:00)


Pour House Music Hall: 1:30 p.m. –

Pour House Presents: The Day After 1:30-5:30
Zigadoo Moneyclipos (2:00), Tangible Dream (3:00), Eno Mountain Boys (4:00), Zephyranthes (5:00), Curtis Eller’s American Circus (6:00), Ancient Cities (7:00), Absent Lovers (8:00), The Everymen (9:00)

Slims Downtown: noon – 5 p.m.
Slim’s Hopscotch Hangover 7
The Vibekillers, S. E. Ward, The Everymen, Grand Champeen

Cruise One

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Best Places to Keep the Night Going at Hopscotch


It’s official, Hopscotch is upon us, and 2016’s lineup is so lit that you’ll be talking about it until next festival season. However, most of the venues wrap up at around 12:30am, which leaves you with about an hour-and-a-half of prime party time in the Oak City. There are plenty of places to keep the party poppin’, but check out these spots to make sure that you really end the night right.

Level Up Kitchen & Barcadium

126 S. Salisbury St.

Prices: $$$

Yes, there is another bigger barcade in Raleigh at Boxcar, but everyone from the age of 21 to 35 knows about it and goes to it. Therefore it’s always packed, and sometimes isn’t even fun. Enter, Level Up Kitchen & Barcadium which is right off Fayetteville Street, in prime bar hopping territory. They’ve got all the classic standup arcade games from your childhood, and seldom do you have to do battle with drunken frat boys to play. On top of that, they have a bangin’ menu and a great selection of craft beers. Boxcar has a crappy food cart outside, with chicken shwarma that tastes like dysentery, not what you need after a night of raging to dope music. Need a lil break from games? Downstairs from Level Up is a taco bar by the same owners, that serves up fresh and delicious creations folded into tortillas, and one of the best damned margaritas in the Triangle.

Fox’s Liquor Bar

237 S. Wilmington St.

Prices: $$$$

This place is all class, and is the perfect spot to just unwind at the end of the night. If you’ve had enough of the screaming crowds of Hopscotch, and want to duck into a spot for a nice quiet drink, Fox’s is your unparalleled destination. This is one of Ashley Christensen’s creations, so you know the drink list is on point. They specialize in craft cocktails made by real and competent bartenders. Your wait time for a drink will be a little longer than your average meat market bar, but what you get at the end of the wait is a real treat. If you’re a Long Island Ice Tea enthusiast, you won’t get this place, so don’t bother; but if you can appreciate a perfect Woodford Manhattan with burnt orange, stirred and served up, this is where you need to be.

Ruby Deluxe

414 Fayetteville St.

Prices: $$

Ruby Deluxe is great if you’re looking for a cool dive bar. There’s a rumor that it’s a gay bar (which it’s not), so it keeps the obnoxious frat boys at their end of Fayetteville St. at Capital City Tavern. If Hopscotch got you feeling like you need to dance the rest of the night away, hit up this spot. The DJs who work here are prime, and are some of Raleigh’s most respected, including DJ Luxe Posh, WKNC alum DJ Sami Automatic, and Kooley High’s DJ Ill Digitz. Drinks are inexpensive as well. Cheap drinks? Good music? Nuff said.

****Bonus Brunch Spot****

Beasley’s Chicken & Honey

237 S. Wilmignton St.

Prices: $$$

More like Chicken & Money. Bruh…. This place kills. That girl Ashley Christensen goes in on this place! They serve brunch on Saturday and Sunday, and if Hopscotch mornings have you feeling like a mere mortal in the face of alcohol’s side effects, Beasley’s will get you back to flexing like Yeezus on some “I Am a God,” sh**! It should be mandatory to order their chicken & waffles, and their pimento mac & cheese seriously makes you want to smack someone it’s so good. Wash it down with an old school glass bottle RC Cola or Nehi orange soda, or even a mimosa, and get back out there to tackle Hopscotch.

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HOPSCOTCH 2016: DJ Schedules + More

Hopscotch Music Festival starts tomorrow, September 8 and will continue through until September 10. Some of our DJs took the initiative and designed their (ideal or realistic) schedule of performers they want to see. With so many artists packed into three days, we figured a sample of our schedules would come in handy with building your own!

PLUS, local Ross Grady put together this neat Google Calendar of every Hopscotch performance to help you sort out your schedule in a perhaps more efficient way. Check it out here!

Blue are my second choices–so many conflicts!”

DJ sPaRr0vV

Double Duchess

DJ Iron Mic

The Fuzz

angel by shaggy
“My scanner/printer sucks! but please see Inga Copeland at Neptune’s!”

Cruise One

Case Sensitive

“Sorry it’s so badly done.” (It’s okay, wolfware)

Festival Coverage

When you want to Hopscotch efficiently

  1. First order of business: pick up your goddamn wristband from Wristband City.

  2. Have some semblance of a plan! Figure out where the venues are in relation to each other and which bands, old and new, you want to catch. Luckily for you, there’s Hopscotch app where you can select the artists you’re dying to see, and the calendar feature organizes your selections in order by date and time. Additionally, you can read artist bios and listen to a few of their tracks, and – SCORE – you can sync it to your Google Calendar! Personally, I’m a fan of printing the schedule and circling my “must see” artists in red ink. Your less efficient third option is just wingin’ it.

  3. Don’t waste your own time!  Whether it’s the music or the crowd or the venue that you’re not vibing with, remember that you can leave. Don’t expect the next song to be better. If you don’t like a set after two songs, do yourself a favor and dip. Test your luck at the next closest venue, because the weekend is too short and there are too many artists for you to not enjoy yourself every minute.

  4. Wear comfortable shoes! Minimize the time you spend walking (briskly) between venues and maximize your Hopscotch utility by wearing sneakers. Imagine this: It’s Friday, September 9th. You’re old-school moshing to “American Girls and French Kisses” at the CAM. It’s 10:50 PM, and Young Thug is taking the stage at Memorial Auditorium at 11. Unless you have a time-turner you are not going to be able to see both sets in their entirety. I’m not telling you how to live your life – but if you bust out a light jog down S Martin Street you’ll miss less of Beach Slang and see more of Young Thug, so consider the opportunity costs. Are you making this trek in flip flops? No, you’re wearing close-toed kicks like a responsible adult. If looking cute is a priority… good luck with that, I guess. And yes, this is your mother speaking.

  1. Catch some Pokemon. Obligatory. DON’T run into people on the street, ignore your friends, or strain your neck. DO set up a lure if you’re at the Pour House staking out prime real estate for Rainbow Kitten Surprise. You will hatch so many eggs and see so much of wild and wonderful Raleighwood.

More info on Wristband City

Hopscotch Schedule (.pdf)

Case Sensitive

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Most Anticipated Acts of Hopscotch (Underrepresented Genders Edition)

Hopscotch is next week, and since I’m a rookie, I just printed out a schedule to start planning. Actually, maybe that’s the opposite of a rookie move. Either way, Hopscotch has a great, diverse lineup, and you’re sure to find many artists you enjoy over the three days. Here are some must-see acts whose frontpeople belong to underrepresented genders.


Sylvan Esso, who every local should want to see, if only to feel proud to be from the home state of such a well-known indie act. Also, I’m excited for the possibility that they’ll play their catchiest song, “Coffee,” and to hear the new songs the duo has announced, when they headline on Saturday.


Pie Face Girls have become pretty well-known locally for their powerful sound and lyrics, and for their unconstrained stage presence. They play fun-sounding punk that brings out typically unspoken parts of the female experience.


Erykah Badu is kind of a legend, and I feel bad only having heard about her this year. Her latest release, a mixtape, is really intriguing; it’s like a scavenger hunt to find the sources of portions of the songs. WKNC released an artist profile about Badu if you’d like to learn more. She’s headlining Red Hat Amphitheater on Friday, so it’s sure to be an awesome show.


Diet Cig has so much energy, and you’ll likely be tired just watching Alex Luciano’s animated dancing and high kicks (and that’s not even getting to the music.) Diet Cig played at King’s in March, and it was gravity-defying and rockin’. To get a sneak peek of their Hopscotch performance, check out their WKNC Lounge set.


Dai Burger’s music is outside of my usual comfort zone, but somehow I still like it. Maybe it’s something about her goofy website, her clever and catchy rap verses, or the fact that she’s named herself “Burger,” but she seems to balance sharing her talent with getting listeners to have fun.


Wume brings live rhythmic experimentation to Hopscotch. It’s tough to find contemporary instrumental acts that aren’t purely electronic, and Wume does a great job making complex but approachable music.


Bad Friends’ sound is a lot heavier than I usually listen to, but what are music festivals for if not exploration? Their demo songs are good, and they’re local, which makes me like them already.

You can find all Hopscotch set times and locations here

-The Fuzz

Band/Artist Profile

Artist Spotlight: All Dogs

Artist Photo from Hopscotch Music Festival's Lineup page

Hopscotch Music Festival’s seventh year is only a week and a half away, and everyone’s busy scouring the schedule charting out potential itineraries.  On the roster is one of Maryn Jones’ many various musical projects, All Dogs out of Columbus, OH.  My first encounter with Jones’ work was my senior year of high school when a friend suggested I check out Saintseneca, the folk punk five-piece in which Jones sang and played dulcimer and strumstick. I took an interest in Jones and her role as the only woman in a group of men.  I checked out her other musical project at the time, a lo-fi folk project under her own name, most of which was just her and an acoustic guitar, the type of music that has very high potential to inspire young non-men to make music in their bedrooms (i.e. me).  Following her online presence gives one an abbreviated peek into the life of a genuine human being, which was my first true run-in with the realization that the people who make the music that I loved were people just like me. 

After a year or so of admiring her work as a folk artist, her versatility managed to shock me again with All Dogs.  This time, Jones had set the same stream of beautifully relatable lyrics and soft winding vocals to a crunchy full band consisting of Amanda Bartley on bass, Jesse Withers on drums, and second guitarist Nick Harris.  Jones and Bartley began playing as All Dogs in 2012 and the band’s first release was a split tape with fellow Columbus band Slouch in September the following year.  The band took off immediately, recognized for Jones’ unbridled honesty, but held off on releasing a full length, releasing a 7"a few months later.  The band continued gaining national recognition, opening for Waxahatchee (the frequently WKNC-spun and similarly emotive project of Katie Crutchfield) on a tour of the east coast early the following year.  The attention the band was getting had caught the eye of Salinas Records in Detroit, who also play host to a few other WKNC indie favorites including Radiator Hospital and Swearin’

During the interim of All Dogs releases, Maryn began to channel energy into yet another solo project Yowler. Equally as expressive but with added reverb and synth tones, Yowler was another incredible addition to Jones’ repertoire, but she didn’t waste any time after the release of The Offer in February 2015. All Dogs finally released a much anticipated debut full-length in August later that year (celebrating its first birthday yesterday, August 28th) with Salinas Records.  The album, titled Kicking Every Day, was previewed by NPR Music, awarded Album of the Week by Stereogum, and reviewed by countless big-wig indie blogs.  Its ten tracks are just as captivatingly devastating as any of Jones’ work, with power chords and pop undertones that are as cheery as anything else you might hear on the radio.  The juxtaposition creates an album that is impossible to stop spinning.  If you’ve caught my DJ shift over the past year, I’ve probably played All Dogs tracks at least five or six times.  Bottom line(s): Maryn Jones is incredible, and you can catch me at Lincoln Theater at 9:30pm on September 10th, night three of Hopscotch Music Festival, for All Dogs’ set.


Festival Coverage

Venue Breakdown

The Contemporary Art Museum (CAM):
The CAM is a unique Hopscotch experience—one that should not be missed. Centrally located in the warehouse district of downtown Raleigh, this beacon of art and culture seldom offers full-scale musical performances. The gallery offers plenty of room to exhibit musicians and artwork alike, allowing you to vibe with artists such as JunglePussy, Kelela, Mr. Carmack, and more.

Kings Raleigh:
Built by local musicians in 1999, King’s (as it is affectionally known), immediately brought fresh acts to the Oak City music scene. Having established itself as a must-see local musical venue, Kings offers a peculiar, intimate space for artists—and patrons—to have an unforgettable concert experience. For our 21+ crowd, the bar is stocked with artfully crafted cocktails.

Lincoln Theatre:
Having established itself as a right of passage for local musicians whilst earning an affable reputation with successful touring musicians, Lincoln Theatre is among the “must see” venues offered during Hopscotch. This impressive venue is cozy enough to fill the room with a palpable energy—yet big enough to get your dance on. DJ Spinn The Era Footwork Crew, Big Freedia, and All Dogs are some of the artists that will be providing the vibes throughout the weekend. Don’t play yourself.

Memorial Auditorium:
Opened in 1932 Memorial Auditorium is the “local crown jewel” of Raleigh’s performing arts, hosting legends such as Sinatra, Ray Charles, and Prince to name a few. This is a rare opportunity to experience artists such as Young Thug, Andrew Bird, and Television in such a place. The venue is elegant, filled with chandeliers and smells of rich mahogany, (Ron Burgundy would love this place). However, you can’t drink inside and it’s stadium seating so not a lot of room to get your dance on. But, it will provide you a concert experience you’ll never forget.

Away Msg at Hopscotch 2015

Straight up, if you like to dance this is the place for you. Small, hot, and in the basement of King’s it’s reminiscent of the most lit dance party you’ve ever been to and probably ever attend. Walking down into Neptune’s is almost surreal, once halfway down you hear the bass knocking and definitely feel the energy. It’s something special you have to see four yourself. Artists such as Blursome, SwizzyMack, Body Kit, and others will be there performing and I highly recommend to not miss it. Also, for the 21+ check out their exceptional cocktails.

This dive bar is synonymous with the underground music scene of Raleigh. Notoriously known as the city’s oldest rock bar and hangout for the diverse characters around town, Slim’s is definitely a spot worth checking out. They have great and inexpensive drinks and a cool ambiance. For the 21+ highly recommending the Cheerwine shot to drink something, a real southerner would know. This venue gives fans an intimate setting to experience artists such as A Giant Dog, Pink Flag, and others during Hopscotch.

Red Hat Amphitheater:
One of the newest additions to Raleigh’s music venues, the Red Hat Amphitheater provides a beautiful outdoor space. Artists and patrons alike are overshadowed by the colorful reflections of the Cree shimmer wall giving this venue a special touch unique to Raleigh. It is one of the most spacious venues downtown featuring a well-groomed lawn and lots of amenities. Erykah Badu and Gary Clark Jr’s show will be a performance for the ages. You’re not going to want to miss it.

Oneohtrix Point Never at The Pour House Music Hall

The Pour House Music Hall:
An intimate venue where you feel the artist’s and crowds vibes that create an energy that you won’t forget. Outfitted with a balcony and bar stacked with the best local beer if you’re thirsty. The Snails, Occultist, Sneaks, and others will be performing throughout Hopscotch weekend so I’ll see you there.

Deep South:
This venue is legendary in the local music scene, not a day goes by without live music erupting from Deep South. Providing diverse genres it is a hub for music lovers around. Winning lots of awards annually and a stones throw away from the Red Hat Amphitheater it is a place deserving of attention. Artists such as Diet Cig, Al Riggs, and others will be gracing the stage there.

Nash Hall:
This is a new venue for Hopscotch and Raleigh. On the corner of E Morgan St. and S Blount St. it was known formally as Nash Motors and now acts as a stunning new venue. Described as a more intimate CAM, this will be a new experience and something definitely worth checking out. Tom Carter, 75 Dollar Bill and Julien Baker are a few artists performing during Hopscotch.

Cruise One