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Hopscotch Artist Spotlight: Andrew Bird


Folks, this year during Hopscotch you’re in for a real treat. Andrew (gosh-dang) Bird is graciously making his presence in the Memorial Auditorium on Saturday at 11pm. 

Mr. Bird is ridiculously talented, having been formally trained in Violin starting at the age of FOUR but not limited to the violin as he is an expert vocalist, whistler, and guitarist.  He unsurprisingly has a long discography, with his first album dropping in ‘96 and his most recent album “Are You Serious” came out last April 2016. His music is best described as being intricate, deeply emotional with piercing vocals and dreamy whistling. Make sure to catch him when he makes an appearance this Saturday. In the meantime, check out his most recent Tiny Desk Concert linked below!

-DJ sPaRr0vV