Festival Coverage

The Hopscotch Variety Post

Y’all, it’s almost here and I haven’t even highlighted my schedule yet! I’m not really sure what I’m doing with my life, but it’s definitely not in the right place if I haven’t highlighted my schedule. Well on the bright side, I know the main artists I’m most excited for, Vince Staples and Young Thug, who both conveniently just released excellent pieces of music. Vince Staples with his EP Prima Donna, which also came with a nice accompanying video and then Young Thug released an album or mixtape (not really sure) entitled JEFFREY. This album may or may not feature the artwork of the year with Young Thug dressed in a very beautiful ensemble, take a peek below. 

Both of these artists are sure to bring an immense amount of energy to their respective stage, with Vince Staples taking the City Plaza stage 7 PM Saturday, before local favorite’s Sylvan Esso, sure to make a double feature of a great time. Then Young Thug will bring his eccentric personality and outlandish, but delectably catchy music to Raleigh Memorial Auditorium Friday night at 10:30. Both of these artists play Raleigh very rarely and are a definite must see as when else will you be able to say you saw Young Thug at a venue typically reserved for plays or Vince Staples light up Fayetteville Street. 

Possible Things to Look Out for at Hopscotch

Music festivals are often times of great joy, and even surprise appearances and announcements, such as Chance the Rapper appearing everywhere at Bonnaroo or Travis Scott announcing the release of his new merch collection featuring toilet paper, socks, and much more the other day at Made in America. While these are some of the hugest festivals in the world, Hopscotch has not gone without its fair share of press. Just look a few years back at that one infamous performance from a folk musician. 

Hopefully this year brings us some amazing moments from the many artists playing. If I was a betting man, which I’m not, I would definitely put my money on a surprise appearance from Andre 3000. He is a short trip up from Atlanta and has quite a few connections to the artists playing, mainly Erykah Badu and Vince Staples.Andre 3000 is featured on Erykah Badu’s recent song “Hello” and the two also have a child together. In addition to this, Andre 3000′s verse from OutKast song “ATLiens” is sampled on Vince Staple’s standout track “War Ready” from his recent EP, Prima Donna. While this is unlikely, it could be possible that Andre 3000 makes an appearance with someone who looks up to him, Vince Staples, or with his friend Erykah Badu. I’ll be crossing my fingers we get to hear Andre 3000′s out of this world flow at least once! 

Taking the City Plaza Stage Friday night, Anderson Paak and the Free Nationals will bring us their smooth R&B/hip-hop crossover before Beach House takes the stage. Rumor has it, Domo Genesis is a member of the Free Nationals, so look forward to a collab performance for their excellent song “Dapper” off of Domo Genesis’ recent album Genesis. There’s also a slight chance the singer/rapper, Paak, could renew his slight beef with fellow XXL Class of 2016 Freshmen Lil Yachty. The two recently exchanged a few words via Twitter over Lil Yachty’s comments in regards to not listening to Biggie or 2Pac. While I’m not a big fan of hip-hop beef, it would be pretty crazy if Anderson Paak released a diss track to the world on Hopscotch’s stage. 

Whatever may happen this Hopscotch weekend, we’ll be there to cover it and report first before Pitchfork gets the scoop! So happy Hopscotchin’ everyone and see some great bands!