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When you want to Hopscotch efficiently

  1. First order of business: pick up your goddamn wristband from Wristband City.

  2. Have some semblance of a plan! Figure out where the venues are in relation to each other and which bands, old and new, you want to catch. Luckily for you, there’s Hopscotch app where you can select the artists you’re dying to see, and the calendar feature organizes your selections in order by date and time. Additionally, you can read artist bios and listen to a few of their tracks, and – SCORE – you can sync it to your Google Calendar! Personally, I’m a fan of printing the schedule and circling my “must see” artists in red ink. Your less efficient third option is just wingin’ it.

  3. Don’t waste your own time!  Whether it’s the music or the crowd or the venue that you’re not vibing with, remember that you can leave. Don’t expect the next song to be better. If you don’t like a set after two songs, do yourself a favor and dip. Test your luck at the next closest venue, because the weekend is too short and there are too many artists for you to not enjoy yourself every minute.

  4. Wear comfortable shoes! Minimize the time you spend walking (briskly) between venues and maximize your Hopscotch utility by wearing sneakers. Imagine this: It’s Friday, September 9th. You’re old-school moshing to “American Girls and French Kisses” at the CAM. It’s 10:50 PM, and Young Thug is taking the stage at Memorial Auditorium at 11. Unless you have a time-turner you are not going to be able to see both sets in their entirety. I’m not telling you how to live your life – but if you bust out a light jog down S Martin Street you’ll miss less of Beach Slang and see more of Young Thug, so consider the opportunity costs. Are you making this trek in flip flops? No, you’re wearing close-toed kicks like a responsible adult. If looking cute is a priority… good luck with that, I guess. And yes, this is your mother speaking.

  1. Catch some Pokemon. Obligatory. DON’T run into people on the street, ignore your friends, or strain your neck. DO set up a lure if you’re at the Pour House staking out prime real estate for Rainbow Kitten Surprise. You will hatch so many eggs and see so much of wild and wonderful Raleighwood.

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