Concert Preview

Carolina Grown Preview Nov. 8


Songs of Water Press Photo

In this week’s installment of Carolina Grown  I’ll be joined by Songs of Water, a brilliant experimental folk group from Greensboro who will be performing at The Pour House on November 14. 

I’m incredibly excited to kick things off with Songs of Water, an act that my predecessor Adam Kincaid has been heralding for years now. This eclectic group of musicians bring in a wide array of influences that somehow coalesce to create a unique blend of world music and folk traditions with experimental tendencies. Their name couldn’t explain the band in a better way, as their songs are universally appealing and free-flowing, taking shape around their surroundings rather than a pre-determined mold. Hammered dulcimers and orchestral arrangements are no strangers to this band’s music, hell their last album The Sea Has Spoken featured over 30 instruments throughout its duration. To put it simply this seven-piece band are purveyors of immense music that retains an earnest and personal demeanor.

Be sure to stay tuned at 6 p.m. for Wolfpack women’s basketball season opener vs. St. Bonaventure.