DJ Highlights

Employee of the Month October 2013: dJ/dx

dJ/dx is our first ever DJ of the month! While she’s not currently up on the schedule for DJing, she has earned the title by being the single most helpful, charismatic, motivated youngin we have in our studio. She just a month ago, and she’s already on everyone’s radars for being the coolest cat in town.

dJ/dx channeled her past sound experience from working at a music venue/coffee shop in high school to help upperclassmen and sound engineer, DJ John, work to create sound for our past Fridays on the Lawn with Stu McLamb of The Love LanguageLoamlandsJonny Alright, and Virgins Family Band. She’s even committed to our next Fridays on the Lawn, featuring Naked Gods and Ghostt Bllonde!

There you have it. Tune in every first Tuesday of the month to find out the next employee of the month!