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WKNC’s Guide to Hopscotch

Happy Hopscotch Week! It’s finally (almost) here, and KNC DJs have compiled some advice to make the most of your weekend.


John says:
1.  Don’t let it ruin your weekend if for whatever reason, a venue is too packed.  Just go to a different one and have fun.
2.  Don’t be a douche to door guys.  Or anyone in general.
3.  See at least one act you don’t know well during the fest.
Don’t Miss: Laurel Halo, Thee Oh Sees, Amen Dunes, Jane Jane Pollock


DJ Ones says:
1. Modestly sized dinners before shows is the best option. That way you reduce your chances of your stomach getting upset during the show, and that’s no fun.
2. Sometimes sticking to one location isn’t such a bad idea. There are more than enough venues where you could stay there all night and have an amazing time.
3. Sitting space is good space. Standing up and running around that much can take its toll, so find decent places to sit down when you can.
Don’t Miss: Wye Oak


Mollypop says:
1. Make friends with a rickshaw biker. They will look out for you!
2. Don’t be afraid to go to a show alone. If it’s something you want to see- go!
3. And tip your bartenders!
Don’t Miss: yo la tengo and the weather station (James from bombadil is playing drums for them)


Sarahnade says:
1. Practice dancing with a beer in your hand beforehand so you don’t spill on your neighbors at a show.
2. Jimmy John’s doesn’t deliver to the front row (yet) so bring snacks if you’ll be up there for hours.
3. Stay hydrated to avoid hangovers – you don’t want to miss the day parties.
Don’t Miss: Shovels and Rope, Dan Deacon, Spider Bags


Kate the LBLB Lady says:
1. DO NOT wear open-toed shoes, unless you enjoy having your toes crushed.
2. Don’t let judgmental looks from "too-cool" hipsters or stiff old white people stop you from dancing your pants off.  You’ll be having way more fun than them.
3. If youre not familiar with the venue locations, study your map beforehand so you know where you’re going!
Must-sees: Wye Oak, and the day party @ CAM on Friday


C’est La Bri says:
1. Never spend more than a half hour at any show- unless it’s something you really love. There are too many good acts to get in on, even if you can only see them for a hot minute.
2. Track out the distances between/where are the venues when figuring out your schedule! This is CRUCIAL in not missing a minute of musical glory.
3. If you’re a late riser (like everyone in the world), be sure to set ten thousand alarms for the day parties. There are too many to miss simply by sleeping in.
Must-sees: Zola Jesus


May Day says:
1. Map out where you want to go as well as pit stops (bars) along the way. Also have cash for the Raleigh Rickshaw. Your legs will thank you when you have to get from Tir Na Nog to Lincoln Theatre
2. Along the same lines, don’t be afraid to feel shows out. When Best Coast (whom I loved) sold out for Hopscotch, I went to see Javelin instead (whom I had never listened to). I think I made the better decision.
3. DAY PARTIES. I believe the best thing in life is free, but even the staunchest libertarian will agree: skip work and your philosophy class to go see some performances.
4. Bonus, So what if The Flaming Lips just got out and Future Islands and Toro Y Moi are playing halfway across downtown? Don’t leave your friends behind for shows. Concert karma is a vengeful B.
Don’t Miss: Class Actress and Flosstradamus


Adam says:
1. If there is a band you must see, get there during the set of the band before them. Otherwise you might be disappointed standing in line.
2. If there is a line to a show, skip it and go to the next venue. All the bands are great and you might discover some new bands you had no intention on seeing.
3. TRY to discover new bands. Make a list of five bands you have to see and wing the rest. You’ll have better memories and the surprise of discovering a new group is totally worth it.
Don’t miss: Hiss Golden Messenger


Anastassia says:
1. Avoid the insane traffic, hop on a bicycle and bike around downtown. Another benefit of biking is beating the long lines in front of venues !
2. Go see new bands ! Last year I was bummed that a lot of my favorite bands were playing 21+ venues but I went to alternate shows and discovered new favorite bands.
3. See as much as you can. Go to the day parties, go to the after parties (they exist I’m sure…), see as many artists as possible. You don’t wanna miss anything because Hopscotch is the best event of the year.
Don’t Miss: Thee Oh Sees at CAM. gonna be amazing.


Lovely Lucia says:
1. Take tons of pictures!
2. Use your map wisely by circling all your 1st 2nd and 3rd choices in case of full venues so you know where to go next! Go see something unexpected!
3. Take advantage of the free public transportation: the R-Line!


Shorty Shorts says:
1. Don’t be afraid to get comfortable at one venue. I know you want to go to 5 different shows at 5 different places, but pick the best spot, grab a beer, and hang out.
2. If you ARE running… and you get to the venue and the line is around the corner, don’t be afraid to look for alternative doors. Efficiency rate, minimal. But it can super payoff.
3. Value your rest – sit down outside, at a bar….downtown.
Don’t miss: Lollipops and The Love Language day party


DJ Smitty says:
1. HAVE A PLAN. There’s no way you can make every show. Prioritize. Be ahead of the game and make sure you don’t end up stuck in the back of the line/venue.
2. Buy some local beer and support some local economy. Don’t just drink the cheap stuff.
3. Bathe. There will be plenty of smelly, sweaty people. You may just end up packed into a venue right next to one. Don’t let that person be you.
Don’t Miss: J Kutchma and the 5 Fifths


Big Fat Sac says:
1.  Eat breakfast.  I cannot stress this enough.  Even if you overdid it the night before, have a granola bar, smoothie, a bowl of Boo Berry, whatever you can get down.  Gotta fuel that dancing machine!
2.  Stressing over conflicting shows you want to see?  I usually go see the out-of-towners, and make a note to catch the local guys next time they play out.  This way you are compelled to go out and see MORE music after Hopscotch is over.
3.  Be even more polite, courteous and welcoming, than you usually are.  This festival is attracting attendees from far-away places, and you will shape their impressions of Raleigh and how dope it is.


Kligz says:
1. Plan on not sleeping much, so pack the 5 hour energy drinks and Red Bull (preferably mixed with vodka). Between day parties and club shows going late, you won’t want to miss a second!
2. See a band you’ve never heard of. It’s usually mind blowing. For example, during Hopscotch 2010 I saw this lady called Sharon Van Etten. Now she is one of my top girl crushes and favorite musicians.
3. See local bands! There are so many to choose from and they all rule. Also, branch out and see bands in different genres. Balance your hard girl rock (Screaming Females) with some rap (Killer Mike) and some hazy dream-pop (Boy Friend).
Don’t Miss: Zola Jesus


DJ Bex says:
1. Make sure you’re around when the promo guys and gals are handing out free loot– apparently there’s lots of it.
2. Bring cash for small buys– t shirts, lighters, rickshaw rides.
3. Wear pants or shorts with pockets so you can stash all the loot.
Don’t Miss: Delicate Steve