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EOT66 Helping the Homeless 9/6/11

First Friday- Mark takes a look at the tradition of the First Friday bike ride and the excitement that comes with it.

Helping the Homeless- Nate explores the problem of homelessness in Raleigh and what steps are being taken to help amend it.

Hurricane Katrina Survivor- In light of North Carolina’s run-in with Hurricane Irene, Chris interviews a Hurricane Katrina survivor to get an idea of what she experienced in New Orleans.

Red Hat- In response to Red Hat’s announced move, Nick and Dave interview a Centennial Campus developer to get an idea about how the move will affect NC State University.

Poetry- Selma gathers local artists to share their poetry in Selma’s Poetry Corner.

Learning Languages- Nick and Dave talk to a linguist to find out what factors contribute to learning a language and its dialects.

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