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EOT66 Helping the Homeless 9/6/11

First Friday- Mark takes a look at the tradition of the First Friday bike ride and the excitement that comes with it.

Helping the Homeless- Nate explores the problem of homelessness in Raleigh and what steps are being taken to help amend it.

Hurricane Katrina Survivor- In light of North Carolina’s run-in with Hurricane Irene, Chris interviews a Hurricane Katrina survivor to get an idea of what she experienced in New Orleans.

Red Hat- In response to Red Hat’s announced move, Nick and Dave interview a Centennial Campus developer to get an idea about how the move will affect NC State University.

Poetry- Selma gathers local artists to share their poetry in Selma’s Poetry Corner.

Learning Languages- Nick and Dave talk to a linguist to find out what factors contribute to learning a language and its dialects.

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Concert Preview

Drughorse First Friday at Tir na nOg

Remember the last time The Light Pines played Tir na nOg (or anywhere)? Holy smokes that was awesome.  Well, they along with two of their Drughorse brethren will be rocking the pub’s thatched roof yet again this Friday.

You know the Light Pines, right? If you don’t, well, come to the show and you’ll be glad you did.

TWELVE THOUSAND ARMIES: Fronted by Justin Williams, the surging  and recently rejuvenated (see: opening for Vetiver tonight at the 506 and recently for the Love Language at Motorco on Oct 23) Twelve Thousand Armies will fill the two-spot in this lineup with their shimmery, nostalgic 60’s pop ballads.  The melodies are playful and tickling, and the lyrics range from mature and serious to downright poignant.

NUDEHUES: You wouldn’t guess that the eerie, lingering and hard-for-me-to-classify compositions of the mysterious Nudehues came from the same brain that spun Max Indian’s hook-laden toe-tappers for over a year.  Carter Gaj (Max Indian frontman emeritus) and Tom Simpson (Light Pines percussionist) may leave you scratching your head, but they will certainly leave you wanting more.  Compelling and thought-provoking stuff.

This show starts at 9:30, and it costs a conveniently meager five dollars.

Music News and Interviews

Win Hopscotch tickets at the dance party tonight!

Surprise! KNC has a pair of Hopscotch tickets to give away to the best beach costume, so pull all the stops and show us your best beachwear tonight (8.6) at Jibarra. The party starts at 10; check out the facebook event for full details.

Non-Music News

EOT33 Alternate Options for Graduates 6/23/10

EOT host Saja Hindi runs down the latest news, followed by From the Sidelines with Tyler Everett. Our VIP segment was a rebroadcast of our Feb. 15, 2010 live in-studio interview with Teach for America on-campus student coordinator Joe Wright and future Teach for America teacher and WKNC general manager Mike Alston, N.C. State Peace Corps Recruiter Marques Anderson, and senior in graphic design Ana Andruzzi. Wright and Anderson discussed the organizations they represent and the benefits students can take from joining these service corps. Andruzzi talked about her decision to teach in Prague after graduation through Teaching English as a Foreign Language and what she hoped to get out of it.

In community canvas, Saja talks with photographer Rob Fisher about his black and white photography exhibit for First Friday at Vintage 21. Hear This previews the Friends of the Brussels Chamber Orchestra’s Cross Currents Festival. Finally, Alison Harman chats with Wolfpacker of the Week Laura Maruzzella,  senior in art and design.

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Local Music Miscellaneous


Friday night, WKNC promotions team members headed out to DesignBox Gallery in downtown Raleigh in order to provide a presence at the PBaRt Show and Concert, part of Raleigh’s First Friday.  The event was a partnership between Pabst Blue Ribbon and Paul Friedrich, during which local music and other art were showcased.  Kellie Ann Grubbs, Monologue Bombs, and Lake Inferior all took turns putting on amazing performances while artists created new works and the WKNC team got the word out about our great programming and support for local creativity.

WKNC koozies were especially popular during the evening, but the promotions team also gave away t-shirts, stickers, and Hear Here compilation CDs with all proceeds going to the Visual Art Exchange.  Everyone had a great time and the event seemed to be a great success.

Catch the WKNC promotions team out and about again downtown next weekend, May 15 and 16 at Artsplosure in Moore Square!

Non-Music News

EOT12 Emergency Preparedness 11/9/09

With the most recent shooting at Fort Hood, Texas and the shooting in Orlando, Florida, this week’s Eye on the Triangle focused on emergency preparedness, with an online exclusive from one woman who was at Virginia Tech during the 2007 shootings. In Hear This, we reviewed some of the Troika Music Festival, and in Community Canvas, we brought you coverage from First Friday.  And we brought you our weekly Wolfpacker of the Week and Soundbytes segments.

As always, our news team duo brought you news from around the Triangle and the nation in our weekly news segment.

Information for the newscast was taken from the following articles:
Wake County temporarily closes H1N1 vaccine clinics
No rest for the weary as rest areas close
All Campus Card to receive update, consolidation
Dow hits 2009 high

Supreme Court won’t stop Muhammad execution
Iran accuses U.S. hikers of espionage
Berlin remembers fall of the wall

N.C. native credited with stopping Fort Hood shooter
Obama presses Senate to pass its health bill

Our weekly Wolfpack football update from our sports aficionados Derek Medline and Tyler Everett.

When the shootings at Viriginia Tech occurred, everyone was glued to their TV and computer screens, listening  for and reading updates on the statuses of the victims, on the shooter and his motives and on the university’s response. It was a shooting that took place only on that campus, but it hit close to home for many because it could happen to anybody. A similar phenomenon occurred with the most recent shootings at Fort Hood, Texas and Orland, Florida. Though they were not on the same scale, the situation in each incident was similar – something triggered one man to go off on a shooting spree, unexpectedly, injuring and killing numerous people. And though these tragic incidents cannot be predicted, at least on college campuses, set emergency plans and alert systems can save many lives. Eye on the Triangle’s VIP this week focused on emergency preparedness. Promotions Director Kieran Moreira sat down with Association Vice Chancellor for Environmental Health and Public Safety David Rainer to talk about N.C. State’s emergency alert systems, and we’re bringing you an online exclusive interview with Eileen Coombes who was at Viriginia Tech during the 2007 shootings.


In Hear This, Mike Alston gave you a look at the band, Lud, that played at the Troika Music Festival in Durham.


Mike also went to First Friday in downtown Raleigh and interviewed people at the art exhibits to see how they felt about the various art venues and more.  DJ Ones tells us this is our “most hilarious” Community Canvas segment yet.


Jacob Downey sat down with our Wolfpacker of the Week this week, Mindy Sopher. Sopher, an academic adviser and lecturer in communication, who is a favorite among the student body.

Our Soundbytes question of the week was about the new law to take effect Dec. 1, banning texting while driving. Matt Moore went around campus and asked students if they do it and what they think of the law.

E-mail us with thoughts, suggestions and complaints to!

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Non-Music News

First Friday Scavenger Hunt

Our good friends with The North Carolina Museum of Art Contemporaries and the Downtown Raleigh Alliance present the second annual First Friday Scavenger Hunt this Friday, April 3rd. It’s a race to discover the abundance of art in downtown Raleigh with a $1,000 cash prize to the top team. If you missed the pre-registation deadline, you can show up for on-site registration at the City Market between 5 and 6 p.m. Yours truly The Revolution will be on hand, so be sure to stop by our table, say hey and pick up a new WKNC T-shirt.

Band/Artist Profile

DBB Feature #4: Lost in the Trees

Lost in the Trees, Troika Music Festival 2008


If you’ve listened to WKNC with any frequency in the latter half of last year, you’ve undoubtedly heard Lost in the Trees. Lost in the Trees’ critically acclaimed sophomore album, “All Alone in an Empty House” has been a favorite among WKNC’s daytime DJs since it’s release in September.

On “All Alone in an Empty House,” Ari Picker, the principal member of the band, has perfected his unique form of orchestral folk. The record has some of the most beautiful music I’ve heard in a long time; it’s mostly intensely personal melancholy ballads with lush orchestral instrumentation. Listening to the record can be a bit of an emotional rollercoaster ride, but anyone that has a soul will appreciate the immense beauty of their music.

Ari Picker is a classically trained musician and a talented songwriter and nowhere is this more clear than when he performs live. My introduction to Lost in the Trees was their performance on the first day of the Troika Music Festival in Durham last year. I was immediately struck by the intensity and emotion of the music; I knew they would be one of my favorite bands. This is not a show you’ll want to miss.

Lost in the Trees will be going on second behind Lonnie Walker this coming Friday, February 6th, for the sixth annual Double Barrel Benefit.  The house is sure to be packed early due to Lonnie Walker & also First Friday, so make sure you get a ticket and get in there to catch this fantastic 12 piece band for their entire set!

DJ Highlights

Skip the AV Geek on Mystery Roach 1/17/09

What do you do when bombs fall from the sky?  Who do you call in an emergency?  How should you act in the lunchroom?  All these questions and more have been answered in educational films: the movies you (and your parents) watched on whirring projectors in darkened junior high classrooms and gymnasiums.

Skip Elsheimer (known to some as Skip the AV Geek) has gained notoriety with his huge collection of educational and industrial films from decades gone by.  If you’ve ever been to the NC Museum of Natural Sciences on First Friday to see the Natural Horror Picture Show, Skip is the guy who runs it. This week on Mystery Roach, we will be talking about the music and history of these films and playing music from audio and video compilations he has put together.

Skip Elsheimer founded and maintains the A/V Geeks Educational Film Archive, an archive of over 22,000 educational and industrial films which he screens for audiences across the country. He curates film programs and presents them at such venues at the American Museum of the Moving Image, Coolidge Corner Cinema, Anthology Film Archives, Aurora Picture Show and Chicago Filmmakers. Recently, Skip co-wrote an article with film professor Marsha Orgeron entitled “Something Different In Science Films – The Moody Institute of Science and the Canned Missionary Movement” which was published in The Moving Image – Journal of the Association of Moving Image Archivists. He has released several DVD compilations based on his collection through Fantoma Films and Alpha Video and makes many of his available for viewing online at the Internet Archive and at his website,

So listen to Mystery Roach this Saturday, January 17th from 8-10 am, where we’ll be talking with Skip and listening to his clips and music for the full two hours.  We will also be doing some giveaways.

Talk to you then.

-La Barba Rossa

UPDATE (1/17/09):  Skip has provided links to a lot of the films discussed on today’s show.  (Some of the films aren’t online.)  Thanks to all the callers.  I’m glad you enjoyed the show.  Thanks again to Skip for coming on and for the links below.

Duck And Cover (Department of Civil Defense)

Crash, Bang, Boom

Drugs Are Like That

Malapakadoo Skip Two



Shake Hands With Danger

Live and unplugged version of “Shake Hands with Danger” by the song’s composer, Jim Stringer

Clip of “Shake Hands with Danger” singer, Charles Oldfather, on “The Day After”

Jim Stringer’s website

VD is for Everybody

Lines Are Fun

Magnificent Major

Teeth (ADA)

Skip’s Site (A/V Geeks)

NASA/Space Program site

Skip’s NASA fan site