Festival Coverage

Follow me at Hopscotch!

Hello, WKNC fans, I am the staff photographer, Katie, a.k.a the Blog Lady because I also edit the blog, and I’m going to be at Hopscotch ALL WEEKEND taking photographs! Don’t worry, my camera will be much nicer than that.

As frequently as I can, AT LEAST once a day, I will be uploading my photos onto Flickr and putting up slideshows on the blog! I’m going to try to hit as many venues and as many shows as I can throughout the entire event. I’ll definitely cover the events put on by WKNC, and I’m especially excited for the smaller shows that will compile great local musicians from every music genre!

So be checking the blog daily for my photo updates, and if you have any special request of shows you’d like to see photos of, leave a comment on this post!