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DJ Ones’ Five Music Facts from the past week

1. You Say Party! We Say Die!’s drummer Devon Clifford passed away after a gig the band was playing in Vancover. After collapsing on stage, the band asked fans to call 911, and Clifford was soon after rushed to a near-by hospital. Clifford died on the April 18th after suffering a massive brain hemorrhage. Clifford was 30-years-old. (via NME)

2. Broken Social Scene has announced that they will be releasing a bonus EP alongside their upcoming full length. The EP will be available to those who either pre-order or purchase a physical copy of the album. The 10 track EP is entitled “Lo-Fi for the Dividing Nights.” (via Pitchfork)

3. The collaboration between Danger Mouse, Mark Linkous, and David Lynch entitled “Dark Night of the Soul” will be officially released July 13th in the US. The album is dedicated to Vic Chesnutt who died after contributing to the album. The official release also comes after the suicide of Linkous. The album was initially leaked online and the collaboration originally “released” the album as a picture book including photos by Lynch with a blank CD that had a sticker on it which said, “Use it as you will.” (via NME)

4. Crystal Castles are to rush-release their upcoming album. The change in dates is coming after their upcoming full length was leaked online. This comes alongside the news that, along with many other bands, Crystal Castles had to cancel tour dates due to volcanic ash that has been interfering with European airlines. (via NME)

5. Phoenix are set to score an upcoming film by Sofia Coppola. The band will be doing the soundtrack for Coppola’s next flick entitled “Somewhere” which is due out in the fall. (via Pitchfork)