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EOT preview: 3/29/10

Stay tuned to WKNC this Monday for the week’s top headlines, an overview of Triangle sports, Evan’s hair-raising editorial and interview clips with six of the seven candidates up for student body president.

In Community Canvas, correspondent Chris Cioffi delved into the Raleigh Treasure Hunt. Established by Lillian Jones, the Hunt is an event held every equinox that leads contestants around Raleigh in search for a silver key. The first person to locate the key receives a handmade pendant made by  Jones herself. We talk to her about the hunt and what she does when she is not working on the event. We also spoke to the equinox’s winner, who solved the puzzle in less than a day.

For more on last night’s tornado watch and that perfect dose of international, national and local news you’ve been craving all week, take a listen tonight at 7 p.m.