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EOT25 SBP Debate 3/29/10

When EOT aired March 29, the past 24 hours had brought destruction to North Carolina and casualties in Moscow. Newscaster Evan Garris broke down those stories and more in News. Sports takes a look at the Wolfpack’s performance on the diamond, the editorial gave a look inside the Eye of the… storm . Student Media hosted a debate between top-tier Student Government candidates, Correspondent Jacob Downey talked to the co-president of N.C. Skate and Chris Cioffi got the story behind that infamous silver key.


News correspondent Evan Garris gave the details of this week’s top local, national and international headlines.

EF-1 tornado touches down in Person County

Two students in flood-induced accident

Homes throughout N.C., Va. damaged in storm

Moscow suidice bombings leave 38 dead, 60 wounded

Obama, in Afghanistan, congratulates Karzai on anti-Taliban campaign

Raleigh-Cary area ranks 49th, population-wise, in U.S. Census

Tyler Everett capped up this week in Wolfpack sports.


  • Storm alerts interrupted programming, including the Duke game against Baylor. Twitter and local blogs erupted with complaints.  The alerts did, indeed, alert, but left fans and evening television watchers agitated.

  • The FCC requires TV stations to relay weather warnings via the Emergency Alert system their broadcasting license.

  • Despite the unplanned interruption and programming rollback, the alerts are essential and can – and did – help save lives.

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In lieu of Student Body Elections, which are causing, if not a stir, then a paper and sandwich board trail around campus. Student Media invited top-tier Student Government candidates—Student Body Treasurer, Student Senate President and Student Body President—to contribute their platforms and ideas on questions that moderators Mike Alston and Saja Hindi asked.


Correspondent Chris Cioffi caught up with Lillian Jones to discuss how she develops ideas for the Raleigh Treasure Hunt in which she invited all of Raleigh to follow clues that lead to a silver key. Whoever found it won a prize from her jewelry store. Cioffi talked to Jones about the event and about her ideas for future hunts. He also spoke to her about the recent publicity the hunt has been receiving, like this story in the News and Observer.

Later, he sat down in the studio with this year’s winner, Team Clueless. Solving the puzzle in one day, Team Clueless quickly snagged the newest pendant. Their quick solving methods shattered the reigning champ’s time, almost three months. He spoke to them about their previous treasure hunt experiences, as well as their experience with The Raleigh Treasure Hunt. They spoke about channeling Ms. Jones’s thinking process to get an edge on solving the clues, as well as how their individual talents came together to make the perfect solving force.


Eye on the Triangle’s Wolfpacker of the Week is a sophomore working on a degree in construction engineering and management and is also the co-president of the Skateboarding Club.  Correspondent Jacob Downey spoke to the Matt Brokaw, co-president of N.C. Skate, the University’s skating club. As one of the club’s founders, Brokaw has worked to help transition the club from a collective of enthusiasts and hobbyists into a competitive body able to represent the University at intercollegiate meets. An avid skater since getting his first board at 11 years old, Brokaw said he enjoys promoting skating through service projects like N.C. State’s Habitat for Humanity Fundraiser, Shack-A-Thon, and hosting fundraisers for Grind for Life.  One of the things he enjoys about his involvement with the NCSU Club Sport is the mentor relationship between experienced skaters and beginners. For more information on the NCSU skateboarding club visit or pop in at one of their biweekly meetings in Riddick Hall Room 339 at 8 p.m. The next one is April 7. You can also hang out with the skaters behind the Free Expression Tunnel as the group hosts the “H.O.R.S.E.” inspired game of “ S.T.A.T.E.” on Saturday afternoon, April 10.

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