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Finally, The Love Language in-studio interview from 5/8/09

Go ahead, pull out the wooden ruler and lay down a good whack across the top of my hands.  I’ve been a bad WKNC blogger.  If I was being graded on timeliness, there would be a big red “F” at the top of this blog, but, thankfully, you as a blog-reader & lover of WKNC would never employ such emotional damage like that of my former college professors, right?

And although this does not relate to the interview, I wanted to post this pic.  Jake Seaton over at Music.MyNC deilvers a wonderful tweet,, and this picture was in his feed recently.  Jake, I won’t ask why you weren’t blasting WKNC 88.1fm.  I will assume that  you must have been driving your car, nearing the US-Canadian border, out of our 25,000 watt listening area.

The Love Language in-studio interview, 5/8/09

:hearts and guitars:

Mz. Kelly,