DJ Highlights

24 Hours on the Air with Kyle

WKNC has been good to me over the past 4 years.  I had the privilege of sharing some awesome tunes with everyone through the Dance Dance Revolution, and during my term as General Manager over the past academic year we did some awesome things here at WKNC, we even launched this very blog.

Unfortunately as a recent graduate of NC State University society has pressured me into “moving on with my life” which entails me leaving Raleigh and the warm embrace WKNC.  But before I bid you all farewell please join me and listen in as I take control of the studio for 24 straight hours from Tuesday, June 23rd at noon to Wednesday, June 24th at noon. I will be pumping up all of your favorite WKNC jams for a whole day across Daytime, Local Lunch, Underground, and Afterhours formats. No artists will be repeated.

Stay classy, triangle. (Especially you, Durham)