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My name is DJ Possessed and I am the most recent addition to the Chainsaw staff. 

For several centuries I was laid to rest... but now I have risen from my tomb to bring you the most evil tunes ever heard. I was conceived in blasphemous hellfire, put on this Earth to entertain the radio-related desires of you pitiless mortals. I answer to the moongoat's call every time I enter the station, pulling requests from the depths of the cavernous, blackened music collection chamber.

My obsessions include: death/black/thrash metal (or any mix of the 3!), grindcore, powerviolence, hardcore punk, etc. My DJ name comes from the godfathers of death metal, Possessed!

Tune in 12-2 AM every infernal Friday morning to hear the tunes that Lucretia and I have lined up for you dudes. Requests are very much appreciated!