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My name is Grant Golden, the DJ formerly known as GRZA. While I used to be spinning an array of national and local music throughout the week, I've now found myself firmly plopped into the 6-8 pm slot on Fridays hosting WKNC's local music talk show, Carolina Grown. Carolina Grown highlights local artists and community members, bringing in folks from all over the state to chat about our local music scene. Tune every Friday evening for live performances, engrossing conversation, and tons of great local music.

If you're interested in learning more about local music you can check also out the blog that I run, The Bottom String at http://thebottomstring.blogspot.com 
The Bottom String provides show updates, previews and reviews, album reviews, and a handful of video features varying from acoustic sessions to full band interviews & performances.

For any inquiries you can e-mail me at: carolinagrown@wknc.org