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You know those riot grrrls with the tattoos and unkempt hair? I'm their biggest fan.


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I DJ from 12-1 LOCAL LUNCH on Wednesdays and Indie Rock on Fridays from 1-3. I also DJ RIOT GRRRRRL on Sassy Saturdays from 2-3


If you have suggestions/comments/concerns of my safety, feel free to email me at gm@wknc.org.

My most listened to artists on iTunes are: PJ Harvey, Cat Power, Baobab, Grimes, Tennis, Mazzy Star, Sleater Kinney, Frankie Rose, Fortress of Swatches, Be Your Own PET, Mark Lanegan, Felix, The Blow, Bombay Bicycle Club, St. Vincent, YACHT, and Beach House.

My favorite part about DJing at KNC is Local Lunch- We have a kick ass music community in the triangle- and I often play music from my last place of residence: Wilmington NC. My favorite local yokals in no particular order: Organos, Schooner, Loamlands, Baobab, Veelee, Pie Face Girls, Des Ark, Cassis Orange, Dash, Gross Ghost, Oulipo, Jackson Scott, Less Western, Cat Be Damned, Museum Mouth, Blursome, GHOSTT BLLONDE, Daniel Bachman, and T0W3RS.

Local band local beer showcases many of these local artists on Thursdays from 930-2 at Tir Na nOg.

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You can also email me at gm@wknc.org for questions concerning WKNC. Be sure to call in your requests at (919)5152400 or (919)5150881. I'm ALWAYS doing giveaways.

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