Current WKNC DJs


    Here is a South Park rendering of me:

    Favorite bands:

    It's natural that my favorite bands are local bands.  I am biased in part because I have seen them more often.  However, there is one noticeable exception: my absolute favorite band in the world is J Roddy Walston and the Business: I'm telling you, no one puts on a show like those guys.  In fact, check it (these from their website):


    Used to Did from Ian Corey on Vimeo.

    So let's talk local bands:

    Polvo, Birds of Avalon, Bellafea, Bombadil, Roman Candle, Hammer No More the Fingers, The Tenderfruit, Lonnie Walker, Lost in the Trees, Max Indian, Luego, The Tomahawks, The Old Ceremony.  If you're looking for somewhere to start to discover good new music, those bands are all good places.

    Local Music Director

    Early in the fall of 2008, WKNC's local celebrity DJ Stevo approached me and informed me that he was leaving the collegiate world and, eventually, severing official ties with the local music director position. I was flattered, and a little nervous, that he wanted me to be his successor. So as soon as he taught me how to do the job, and provided a little guidance as to what to expect, I set out to working my ass off to get the BEST music from the Triangle and NC to your ears. It's not a task I took lightly, because it's very, very important. We are lucky to be in what I think is one of the best music "scenes" there is. Check our Rock Report and flip on your radio M-F from 12-1, or Fridays from 5-8, and then tell me you disagree. It's a privilege and an honor to have been the arbiter of the local music rotation at the most rocking station around.

    But when I took over as General Manager, Adam Kincaid took the helm.  He's of course doing a swell job and has infinitely more patience than I do.  We also are working on ramping up what you get with the entire Local Beat package, so be on the lookout!!!!

    Getting in Touch

    One of my goals as General Manager has been to eliminate whatever 'suck' factor might linger at WKNC.  So if you hear a song you don't like, a bad air break, a PSA you disagree with, or anything in the WORLD that you want to complain about, please feel free to email me at gm at wknc.org.  Or call me at 919-515-2401.  Or WRITE me at the address below.  Let's keep WKNC ROCKING together!

    WKNC 88.1 FM
    ATTN: General Manager
    Campus Box 8607
    343 Witherspoon Student Center
    Raleigh, NC 27695-8607

    Thanks for being awesome.


    Oh, and check out what the WKNC executives do on the weekends (NC State just doesn't pay enough...)

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