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shOw! Time

Mondays 11am - 1 pm


Turn it on and put away your worries for two ear-shocking hours. This semester I am blessed to offer up two types of amazing music during my shift.  The first hour will focus on great indy rock from all over.  I like a wide variety of music so expect alt-county, rock, dance and some track from older influential artists.  The second hour (12-1pm) is WKNC's Local Lunch.  Here we focus on the best bands that were homegrown in our fine state of North Carolina.


I'm always open to requests, being introduced to new bands and hearing any feedback (positive or negative) about the show. Give a call in if you have a band or a song you want to hear or want to know a track played (which can be done on this website too!) Lines: 919-860-0881 919-515-2400