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Zooey Deschanel and Ben Gibbard Set to Tie the Knot


Death Cab for Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard and actress/She&Him singer Zooey Deschanel ended 2008 by confirming their engagement.  Several sources(including Pitchfork) have publicized the new indie duo.
Deschanel is featured in the movie Yes Man, which is in theaters now. As for the groom, Gibbard’s latest studio effort with Death Cab for Cutie, Narrow Stairs, was released in May 2008. How adorable.

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After 22 years Yo La Tengo has changed thier name.

To the Condo Fucks. That’s right, one of indie rock’s oldest and most respected bands is now called the Condo Fucks. It’s hardly surprising from the band that called thier last album “I Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass.” The change is not permanent, at least I hope not. Their forthcoming LP ‘Fuckbook’ will apparently consist mostly of covers.

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I Was Totally Destroying It makes the Onion AV Club’s year end list.

Of worst and funniest band names. That’s right WKNC favorites I Was Totally Destroying It, now officially have one of either the worst or the funniest band names in the country.

My personal favorite is “3 Piston Ass Hammer”.

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WKNC Announces Double Barrel Benefit #6

Set your calendars For Friday February 6th, and Saturday February 7th for WKNC’s annual Double Barrel Benefit #6 at the Pour House in downtown Raleigh.  Both nights are loaded with 8 of the best bands in our area for a small price, with all proceeds going to WKNC & NC State Student Media.

Prices are $7 in advance and $9 at the door.  There is a $5 surcharge for all attendees under 21.

Bands on Friday include (in order of appearance):
Lonnie Walker
Lost in the Trees

Bands on Saturday include (in order of appearance):
I Was Totally Destroying It
Violet Vector & the Lovely Lovelies
Birds of Avalon

WKNC will be broadcasting live from the site both nights.

Throughout the next month WKNC will begin featuring exclusive blogs about each of these fantastic bands leading up to the show.  Be on the lookout for those as well as listening to each of these bands on WKNC 88.1 fm.

In addition, the two days leading up to the show, WKNC will play 100% Local Music during its Daytime Format.   More information on this later.

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How To Find Out About Local Music

When I started Local Lunch in the beginning of 2008, I have to admit… I didn’t know jack about local music. I knew we had a show called The Local Beat and that our Double Barrel Benefit 5 was going to feature 8 local acts, but that was essentially it. So there I was, half way through January and still struggling to find something that made my show different from all of the other WKNC DJs, and all I knew was that my shift was set in the middle of lunch time, I was hungry, and I needed to plug some of the acts from DBB5. In a nutshell, that is basically how Local Lunch was born.

So now I had a locally themed show, but I still didn’t know anything about local music. I asked myself, “What is the best way to learn about the local scene?”; and knew that I had to get in to going to local venues and seeing local acts. Thankfully, DBB5 had 8 local bands who I had been spinning and enjoying for a month. Another long drawn out story later, I was having a great time watching a band called The Future Kings of Nowhere (FKON). And thus how I fell in love with local music and renewed my interest in music in general.

FKON went on to become one of my favorite bands in 2008, and that is why I encourage everyone to go out and explore the local music scene. If you are like how I was, and don’t know who to go see or where to go to catch great local bands at; I suggest you check out the WKNC Rock Report. Or find your favorite band for 2009 by attending WKNC’s Double Barrel Benefit 6 on Friday and Saturday, February 6th & 7th.

I was once told that “Some of the greatest experiences of life where to be had in places far from home”. I hope you will discover, like I did, that such a saying is untrue because of the experiences to be had at some place down the street, rockin’ out with bands from down the street.

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Post-modern Hip-Hop: The Glitch Mob

Pandora, describing The Glitch Mob as “four gents who are setting the dance world ablaze with their futuristic hip-hop deconstruction,” features three videos of the group talking about their music, and preforming live at the at the Mezzanine club in San Francisco:

  • In Track 1, they explain their niche.
  • In Track 2, they describes themeselves as being somewhere between a DJ and a live band, “we create our music with the intent of remixing it live.”
  • In Track 3, they explain their creative approach in using hardware and software as “instruments.”

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Colossus on Cannibalism

Raleigh metal act Colossus is back in the studio to record a new EP, as yet unnamed.   The album is being recorded outside Chapel Hill at Warrior Sound Studio.  According to guitarist Nicky Nixon the album will have five songs that “address a number of topics, including humans eating human corpses, human corpses reanimating and attempting to eat living humans, fish eating whale carcasses, and yet another song about cannibalism.”

No word on when the EP is set to release, but you can catch Colossus live at Tir Na Nog January 22nd, as part of WKNC’s Local Beer Local Band night along side Durham band Tooth.

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WKNC Presents an Animal Collective Listening Party

Come one, come all to the Pour House on January 5th for an Animal Collective listening party hosted by WKNC & Schoolkids Records.  Animal Collective’s new album, Merriweather Post Pavilion, is set to be relased on vinyl (including an mp3 download of the album) January 6th and on CD January 20th.  However, if you want to listen and buy it before it hits the shelves, Schoolkids will be on location selling vinyl copies during the show.

WKNC will also be presenting three fresh local bands:
Old Bricks
Mr. Goodtimes
& an as yet un-named band consisting of two members of The Cumberland County Mean Gang

WKNC will also be giving away two prize packages from Domino Records to two lucky attendees.  Come on out and make it a night!

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Live Electronic Music Every Monday Night in Downtown Raleigh

Every Monday night until March, The Big Easy is hosting Rumble Sessions – Fine Electronic Music. The music starts at 10 pm, 21+ only.

Check GruvGlu for a detailed schedule.

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Kooley High’s “One Day” Trailer

“One Day,” the soon to be released documentary movie about Raleigh-Durham Hip-Hop act Kooley High (directed by Napoleon Wright for Becauseus Films) is set to come out soon. The release date is January 24th at the Galaxy Cinema. Here is the official trailer:

“One Day” Movie Preview from Kooley High on Vimeo.

WKNC Underground alum, DJ Ill Digitz, will be spinning at 7pm when doors open.