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‘One Day’ showcases alumni

Yamil Camacho
Technician Staff Writer

What is one day in the life of a rapper? Mainstream ideas of the life of a rapper show it composed of parties, high-price cars and questionable activities. Napoleon Wright’s documentary, One Day seeks to refute that stereotype. The film follows each member of Kooley High, a local group made up of N.C. State alumni.

One Day will be showing at Witherspoon Cinema on Monday, April 20, starting at 7:30 with DJ sets from DJ J. Wall, DJ Nominal and Kooley High’s own DJ Ill Digitz. The event is a collaboration between WKNC and the UAB.  It is free to all students.

Kooley High will open for Wale at the Cat’s Cradle April 16.

For more about the film and quotes from Kooley High’s Tab One, check out the full story here.