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Bunker Punks Discs & Tapes: Local Records

Hello. It’s another week of me exploring the local Raleigh music business, and it has been brought to my attention there’s a label here doing great things with local punk and hardcore bands, Bunker Punks Discs & Tapes

They were founded in 2018 and have just a few releases under their belt, but with the music they’ve helped get out into the world so far, I’d say they have a lot of promise. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find too much about their business and founders except that they’re friends (according to Discogs). 

The Music:

In terms of releases and artists, they’ve got some notable and exciting bands working with them. For example, Scarecrow, a Charlotte native band that I talked about in a previous article about local hardcore bands, is signed on with Bunker Punks.

Bunker Punks released a split album, “Screaming Death”, two weeks ago on October 6. Scarecrow has four new killer tracks, one of which, “Sixth Mass Extinction”, absolutely scrambles my brain everytime I listen to it. It’s got a lot of chaotic energy and anger coming out from all the ways you could wish. 

Another band that has a release on Bunker Punks is Bloody Flag. Their only release is a self-titled EP with sounds like slicing the head off an enemy and… (I don’t think I can finish this thought without it getting too graphic). I am very excited to hear more from this band, as this album rips. My favorite track of theirs right now is “Sabbatic Goat Devotion“.

Vittna has a 7” self titled EP also released through Bunker Punks. They are another Raleigh hardcore punk band I’d love to see more from. This EP was released in 2018 during the first year of Bunker Punks existence. Favorite track of this release is “Mundane Genocide“.

While Bunker Punks Discs & Tapes is young, they have already scouted much amazing local talent, and hopefully they’ll continue to grow and keep fostering the sounds they have going. Looking into these record companies’ histories has been a fun way to connect with the culture of the surrounding area. Also, it’s a great way to discover local sounds you might not know exist.