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WKNC’s World College Radio Day 2023 Schedule

On Friday October 6, for the 3rd year running WKNC will be participating in World College Radio Day by holding a 24 hour “lock in” in the station. Every hour will feature a live DJ in both studios celebrating the most important day of the year for a college radio station. The production room will also host a livestream where DJs will be playing games, making tierlists, showing powerpoints, and much more. The full schedule is below:


timeslotdj nameshow namedescription
12:00 AMscrimblescrimble’s bad music hour
1:00 AMjustintime & zenIn a Timely Mannerthe two jazz dj’s do a collaborative set
2:00 AMdj fivesautumn summer winter fallweapon-themed set
3:00 AMdj independent fact checkers + valkerieinhouse pharmacydj independent fact checkers: 2013 monstercat
valkerie: 2012 dubstep
4:00 AMtwerpp2p connectionvaporwave
5:00 AMErik++Regular PointAcid/Techno – livemixing down to b2b!
6:00 AMdj mithraxsounds of space junkmix of rock/spooky music cuz october
7:00 AMlittle brown bat & streyacolombianas en raleighcolombian salsa & tropical
8:00 AMspace cadetmodern girl
9:00 AMdj beansfroot loops
10:00 AMclaymoreclaynationall over set
11:00 AMmaddogthe doghouseWes Anderson themed set! Waaaa 😀
12:00 PMKONDEThe KONDE Pop-up Hour (daytime)Jazz, Funk, Soul, and some other stuff!
1:00 PMflowers mcpowersthe flowers mcpowers hour
2:00 PMdj hexane, scrimblenull to the front2000s/2010s throwback indie/pop music
3:00 PMlast name uttsome songs are better than others
4:00 PMpresident shrimpo & malocchio >;)fireside chats- halloween month, the beginningspooky stuff, post punk and the like
5:00 PMfullmetal racket and DMC WOODSTOCKEVIL MUSIC TO SCHEME/PLOT TO ∩ (◣_◢) ∩drew like a dark, fucked up version of my set haha. just a glimpse into my dark twisted reality
6:00 PMyoung iowaSPOOKY MONTH PART ONE WITH YOUNG IOWAevil stuff to start spooky month
7:00 PMspringheel jackcockroach radioSpooky folklore and urban legend inspired songs. Cause Springheel Jack. Get it?
8:00 PMwizard of gorethe infernohard riffs that will make you kill your neighbors with hammers
9:00 PMbel$the beldammuahahahahahaha
10:00 PMchalcopyrite + apolloblackgazemaxxingblackgaze
11:00 PMleksiproiller-pilledjapanese hardcore based off chainsaw man ˚₊‧꒰ა ₍ᐢ. ̫.ᐢ₎ ໒꒱ ‧₊˚


timeslotdj nameshow namedescription
12:00 AMdj roxyrock candymidnight tunes
1:00 AMrensenwarelate nite lan partyvideo game music of a different variety… all kinds EXCEPT rhythm game
2:00 AMzenthe swing set 2: this time it’s personaldog i have no idea but it’s going to be good and not jazz
3:00 AMjohnny ghostthe new and improved classic rock radioclassic rock deep cuts. just trust me
4:00 AMauxymoronlocal planetarium soundtrackspace ambient!
5:00 AMDJ MithraxSounds of Space Junksongs that remind me of 5 am
6:00 AM
7:00 AMminacattwo way radio
8:00 AMRodeo RomeoWestern FridayAmericana Central
9:00 AMDJ TullykinesisNightcore RadioNIGHTCORE!!!!!!
10:00 AMDJ Ocean SprayFolk Fallsome favorite fall songs
11:00 AMDJ Tullykinesis + rensenwareMiddle school vocaloid youtube playlist..vocaloidy
12:00 PMDJ HubcapYo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rumsea shanties, sea shanties, and more sea shanties (will move if slots fill up)
1:00 PMDJ Pon-3 (will gladly move for a student shift)Local LunchJoin DJ Pon-3 for some of her favorite North Carolina artists.
2:00 PMLumkas
3:00 PMSpringheel JackJack Ruins MusicGenre division is dead. So is taste. I’m the Captain now.
4:00 PMscrimble + hexanethe scrimble spacekaraoke
5:00 PMbel$junior highmusic you wanted to forget about
6:00 PMDJ CrushCrush’s Yearly Allotted KPop SetTerminal levels of k-pop girl groups
7:00 PMrensenware + DJ Cranberrysteely dan power hourbestie set 🙂
8:00 PMDJ CrushDead AirUltra Spooky Fun Time ;3
9:00 PMrensenwarein cametek we trusttribute to the greatest rhythm game artist of all time
10:00 PMLead PipeGettin’ BonkedSome doom and sludge to really mess with the vibes
11:00 PMDJ HubcapSarah Bonito Extravaganzasarah midori perry my beloved :3

Production Room

12:00 AMmy name is zachLEGO Build Hour 😀we build a LEGO set together for the station
1:00 AMquakerwe write and illustrate a childrens book
2:00 AM
3:00 AM
4:00 AMerieboard gam (chess, raleighopoly)
5:00 AM
6:00 AMkatie😱spooky scary games (if u want this spot u can have it lol im just puttin stuff here)
7:00 AMerietier list timeincluding a poor little meow meow ranking
8:00 AMandicrochet hourcrochet or read if i’m not asleep
9:00 AM
10:00 AMclaireLive promoswe design and record a promo for u on the spot! (if anyone wants this time slot u can have it)
11:00 AMclaireEpic picross tournament15×15 no live validation WHO WILL WIN
12:00 PMclaireWKNC does hairu want a buzzcut? 2 sleepy djs can do it
1:00 PMeriethey see me rollingsorting tshirts
2:00 PMSpencer, sophia, roseRose Reactssubject president shrimpo to wacky music and see her priceless reactions as her mind is expanded
3:00 PMsophia, willow, bugfursona commission hourwe will draw your fursona. don’t have one? we’ll make one for you
4:00 PMMasonWKNC Are You Smarter Than A Fifth GraderQuizzing DJs on random trivia
5:00 PMJvideo games (?)playing video games really poorly
6:00 PMclaireWKNC family treeupdating the family tree i made last year!!!
7:00 PMroseNixon HourPresident Shrimpo talks about 37th president of the United States Richard Milhaus Nixon
8:00 PMsarascrimble’s ppt night
9:00 PMsarascrimble’s ppt night if there are too many for 1 hour
10:00 PMerieapplication quizguess the application!!!!!!!!!
11:00 PMdantemetal band logosguess what the hell metal band logos are supposed to say