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Chainsaw Charts 9/5/23

Chainsaw Charts

1SHORES OF NULLThe Loss of BeautySpikerot
2TERROR GARDEN“The Party’s Over” [Single]Self-Released
3SUBSUN“Doomsday Clock” [Single]Self-Released
4ASTRALBORNEAcross The AeonsProsthetic
5STATIC ABYSSAborted From RealityPeaceville
6NECROFIERBurning Shadows in the Southern NightSeason of Mist Underground Activists
7ACACIA STRAIN, THEStep Into The LightRise
8MEURTRIERES“Rubicon” [Single]Gates of Hell
9ZULUA New TomorrowFlatspot
10KNOCKED LOOSE“Deep In The Willow” b/w “Everything Is Quiet Now” [Single]Pure Noise