Exploring Study Music: A Playlist

I’ve said this before, but I could not imagine a world in which I didn’t have music to get me through things. Of interest here is how it can be used to actually be productive during the day and through long nights. I mean, I’m listening to some newly released singles while writing this.

Not all music is created equal in this regard, but there’s so many more possibilities for what study music can be than lo-fi beats streams or long jazz albums. Really, any music can help you grind through an essay or chem homework. There’s a couple rules of thumb to keep in mind, though.

Rules of Thumb

1. No intelligible lyrics

Whatever music you study with, make sure it doesn’t have lyrics you can understand. Instrumentals obviously fill this role, but any music sung in a language you don’t know, or whose vocals are too drowned out by other noise to make out are both great here.

2. Match pace of music with pace of work

Depending on the type of work you want to get done, you’ll find some music matches the intensity and tempo that you need to hone in. Completing a project last minute may call for some metal while an essay that needs steady progress may benefit more from techno.

3. Enjoy the music too

You’re not very likely to be getting much done while sitting through a “chill vibes” playlist that isn’t fitting your vibe. Making your own playlist can keep you from having to hit skip constantly to find “the right song”.

And Now, the Playlist

Music for Awkward Dates – strxwberrymilk

“Music for Awkward Dates” full album by strxwberrymilk

Genre: Breakcore

Speed: High

Intensity: Medium

Emotional Shift – COMPUTER DATA


Genre: Techno

Speed: Medium

Intensity: Low

ITEKOMA HITS – Otoboke Beaver

“ITEKOMA HITS” full album by Otoboke Beaver

Genre: Japanese Noise Rock

Speed: High

Intensity: High

11•11•11 – MGMT

“Whistling Through the Graveyard” by MGMT

Genre: Electronic Indie Rock

Speed: Low

Intensity: Low

Mysterious Pony – Emperor Penguin

“Burnt Sienna And Avocado” by Emperor Penguin

Genre: Psychedelic

Speed: Low

Intensity: Low

–DJ Cashew

By Cashew

Hi y'all, I'm Cashew and I'm a freshman majoring in Biology. I listen to a good bit of electro-pop, hip-hop and psych rock, but of course, I like to mix in other genres as well. I mostly write album and artist reviews, though I hop into discourse every so often.