Weekly Charts

Chainsaw Charts 2/21

1DISTANTHeritageCentury Media
2JUDICIARY“Engulfed” [Single]Closed Casket Activities
3GIF FROM GOD“A Kiss For Every Hornet” [Single]Prosthetic
4SUMMONING THE LICH“The Forest Feasts” [Single]Prosthetic
5CHILDREN OF THE REPTILEHeavy Is The HeadSelf-Released
6COMBATWOUNDEDVETERANThis Is Not An All Erect, All-Red Neon BodyNo Idea
7HUMAN RACE IS FILTH, THECognitive DissonanceSelf-Released
8VISITANT“Dematerialization” [Single]Self-Released
9DREAMS OF GRAYThe World After [EP]Self-Released
10AND OCEANSAs In Gardens, So In TombsSeason Of Mist

Chainsaw Adds

1BATTLE BORN“Blood and Fire” [Single]Prosthetic
2SHORES OF NULLThe Loss of BeautySpikerot
3HALF MESomaArising Empire