Dear WKNC listeners

On Feb. 7, 2023 WKNC 88.1 FM HD-1/HD-2 made the decision to discontinue regular DJ shifts by non-NC State students. As part of NC State Student Media, the departmental Academic Progress Policy (PDF) originally adopted in January 2003 and last amended in January 2010, specifically outlines that all paid and volunteer “employees (including, but not limited to, reporter, photographer, designer, DJ, sales staff member) of the Student Media … shall be full-time students at NC State University.” WKNC has been in violation of this policy since it was first enacted, at times allowing 10 or more non-students to DJ for WKNC. Additionally, University Regulation 11.55.07 covering membership in both Registered and Recognized Student Organizations states “membership in Student Organizations is limited to students enrolled for at least one semester hour of credit at NC State. Faculty, staff, alumni and others may participate in the activities and programs of student organizations as guests. Guests may not vote and may not have the same privileges as members.” This regulation was first issued in January 2007 and last revised in October 2021.

As no other Student Media outlet allows for regular contributions by non-NC State students and WKNC receives more than a third of its annual budget from NC State student fees, WKNC has decided to adhere to the departmental policy and University regulation by placing its focus solely on student staff. WKNC will also be discontinuing its informal practice of allowing spring graduates to stay on the air for the subsequent summer semester. With respect for the five current non-student DJs on staff, this change will be effective on May 8, 2023 at the conclusion of the spring 2023 semester.

While this decision may be upsetting to some long-time listeners, WKNC believes it is in the best interest of the radio station to retain a focus on student programming. As a student-run radio station, WKNC is proud to offer educational opportunities for more than 120 NC State students in radio broadcasting, content creation and station operations. WKNC also wants to thank its non-student DJs for their many years of service to the station.